UNOde50’s Handcrafting Process: unique jewelry handmade in Spain

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Each UNOde50 piece has its own voice and is capable of transmitting strength and energy by itself. Commitment as the only way of doing things leads UNOde50 to design and manufacture at its headquarters in Madrid. All products are handcrafted in Spain and made by us. Discover all about our Handcrafting Process.

Inspiration on paper

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The designers begin the creative process based a theme that will inspire each collection. Once this line is determined, they start working on the sketches that will help define the materials needed to mount each piece.

Our Materials

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All of our materials are unmistakable thanks to the use of a unique alloy that respects the handcrafted characteristic of the manufacturing process. The use of leather and other materials like crystals and pearls defines the brand’s DNA.

Casting and shaping

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The designers begin by making the master piece from a specific type wax until they achieve the most similar shape. From there, a mold is created where the metal alloy, a hallmark of UNOde50, will later be poured to obtain the first version of it. The piece obtained continues to be worked on by hand to give the metal the shape and texture designed in the first sketches.

Our finish

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Once shaped, the piece undergoes a hypoallergenic process, 15-micron silver coating, and various exhaustive quality controls. Finally, in cases where the piece of jewelry is combined with other materials, these other elements are then assembled.

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This is how we work. Know more about our universe on our site.