Glances: discover the making-of the latest UNOde50 campaign


UNOde50 presents Glances, our latest campaign, a declaration of intent where the protagonist is the product — unique jewelry handcrafted by the designer and president of the company, José Azulay.

A super-production underlies this campaign, which introduces an updated image of the brand: classic and modern, soft yet powerful. With creativity serving as a foundation and using photography and fashion film, UNOde50 tells a story through jewelry, gestures, and glances.


How was the Glances campaign created?

It all began several months ago with a brainstorming session. An incalculable number of ideas were put on the table until we found the one that fit the time and place of the brand perfectly.

Glances emerged, an idea we loved from the get-go. We wanted to use black and white, a touch of red—our color—silver, and gold to create a very special vision of our jewelry and a story in which artistic inspiration and creativity were key.


Who is behind the campaign?

Once we had chosen the project, it needed to be developed professionally and in record time. The next steps were fundamental. First, we had to find creatives with their own style to create a unique story. Names were suggested, like Eugenio Recuenco to direct the fashion film and Tomás de la Fuente for photography; Gregorio Arroyo to direct commercials and edit, Eric Dover & Mar for art direction. For make-up and hairstyling, we turned once again to Moncho Moreno and María Salud, and Beñat Yanci for styling.


After several intense days of shooting, with more than 40 people giving 110% from 6:00 a.m., the story became a reality. Only one final touch remained: the soundtrack. We wanted something with power and personality and we found the solution in the music of composer Alfonso G. Aguilar, who created the perfect melody for a fashion film that we’re extremely proud of.