Who wants a beach when you can have a tree house?


Summer may be your favourite time of year, but it can also become a real hell. Beaches that become anthills, terraces full of crowds … Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? After our post for Unconventional Trips we offer you an alternative plan if you are looking for a different holiday.

Imagine yourself in the middle of a forest, without Wi-Fi, where the only alarm clock is birds singing. Imagine living hanging from a tree, with no worries. Because going to a rural house is all right but who has not dreamed of sleeping in a tree house? Take note of these Tree Hotels!

Tree houses: in the north-west of Catalonia within the municipality of La Selva you will find a haven of ten tree houses which you access via a suspension bridge. Each tree house includes a 10m2 terrace designed as a space for rest and great relaxation with stunning views of Montseny or the Pyrenees.


Basoa Suites: without a doubt, this is your choice if you are a nature lover, but don’t want to miss out on any kind of comfort … In the heart of Navarra, in the valley of Ultzama there are four spacious Suites hidden in the wildest area of the forest. From spacious rooms with large windows to the eco breakfast that you yourself will bring up to the suite using a pulley, you will also be able to dine in the Casa Amati services building. “We like to work and live in nature and although we have our feet on the ground, we like to climb up the trees.”


Forest tree-houses:  A Tree Hotel in the west of the peninsula could not be missing from our selection. Specifically in Noia, the east coast of the province of A Coruña. A promise of building sustainable eco-cabins, with a firm commitment to the environment but adapted to new technologies (yes, here you have Wi-Fi to outshine all your social networks). Eight excellent tree houses where Galician glamping becomes the absolute king, this is due to the excellent quality of their facilities and perfect location to be able to organise both nature activities as well as having the sea.