New Genderless Bracelets: unisex designs to celebrate love without rules.


Unisex jewelry has been part of our history since inception, and now it’s stronger than ever. Why? Because at UNOde50, we believe in the unisex trend and we are expanding our Genderless collection to include new designer bracelets. Celebrate your love with our Genderless Pack.

Among the new unisex designs is the Genderless bracelet with our iconic silver-clad lock and leather strap in a choice of two colors: red or brown. If you’re looking for gift ideas, this special design could be the perfect Valentine’s Day surprise.


But the collection features more new items. The Amarrado bracelet is another of the designs that has just arrived in our stores. Silver-clad, stylish, and daring, it is a gift that’s sure to delight on the day of love.

Check out the rest of our unisex models on our website.

Genderless Pack: a different gift idea


Our Genderless bracelet pack is the perfect gift. Presented in an exclusive designer gift box, the pack consists of two identical bracelets in the sizes you choose, one for you and another for the special someone in your life.

You can choose the design you like best from the unisex collection and combine the silver and gold versions if you prefer. And best of all, when buying two pieces the pair comes at a Special Price.

On February 14 or any other day (love has no rules), surprise your special someone with a unique gift like UNOde50’s Genderless Pack.