Festivals aren’t just for summer

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Watching the sunrise with the waves lapping at the seashore, while listening to your favorite band, is one of the most gratifying experiences for true music fans. However (or inevitably), times like these have always been limited to summer. Or they were, because there are increasingly more festivals taking big cities by storm at the most unusual times of year. Although they aren’t normally outside, the venues that host them have the same charm—or more—than their summertime counterparts. If you aren’t quite ready to write off the summer yet, we’ll give you the best options for whetting your appetite for live music.

Pitchfork Music Festival Paris

Coinciding with Halloween for the last several years, the most indie side of the music industry comes together in Paris, with some of the year’s hottest artists in this genre. The line-up for 2016 includes MIA —who finally has a new album—, Bat for Lashes, electronic duo Mount Kimbie, Moderat, Suuns and Warpaint, to name just a few. Many of them have already toured during the summer, but this is the perfect excuse to see them again, calling in sick for an extra-long holiday weekend and flipping out with the choices the guys from Pitchfork have ready for us on 27 to 29 October.

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Iceland Airwaves

You may have noticed that Facebook is filling up with photos of Reykjavik, and may realize that Iceland has become more fashionable than ever before.  For years now, the capital’s artists have all converged at this festival, and Iceland Airwaves is one of the best and most popular. The festival program tends to focus on Scandinavian artists, something that definitely provides an added spark that sets it apart. However, at this year’s event—starting on 2 November—we can see well-known musicians from around the world, like Santigold, FM Belfast, Lush and Mabel, London’s newest up-and-coming star.

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The Meadows Music Festival

Across the pond, they also have their share of oddball festivals. In New York’s effervescent Queens neighborhood, the organizers of the famous Governors Ball have created this new event, offering the most exclusive bands and solo artists. We’re talking about groups like Miami Horror, Borns, Savages and Yeasayer, greats of the mega-festival circuit. However, one headliner who tends to shy away from the big venues is Kanye West, who is bringing his Saint Pablo Tour to the shores of the Hudson River (and if you’ve heard his latest disk, you know it’s worth it). You can get your tickets now, because 1 and 2 October will be here before you know it.

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Le Guess Who

The city of Utrecht (Netherlands) gives us the chance to bid farewell to festivals until 2017. It’s this festival’s 10th anniversary and the programming for the stages has been done by other big names. This year, Wilco, Julia Holter, the Savages and Suuns were given the task of rounding up their favorite bands—or at least some of them—to get us dancing from 10 to 13 November. Rain is almost a certainty on these dates in the Netherlands, but the music is so good, so appetizing, that we bet it will heat you right up.

Fall definitely seems to be on the way and, although some of us might not be happy about the cold, this season does give us a plethora of fun options when getting dressed. New bohemians eschew the traditional, travelling the world seeking alternatives and reflect this spirit in their incredibly elaborate festival looks. If you’re one of the few who swims against the current, choosing the unexpected and want everyone to know it, we’re sure you’re going to love The Special Ones, our new collection that stands up for individuality and is sure to make you stand out from the crowd to become a shining star, wherever you may be.