Endless Summer

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It’s a fact! And if you don’t believe it, UNOde50 is here to remind you!

You haven’t had a holiday all summer… Like a champ, you’ve put up with all the selfies, beautiful beaches, food porn, and the most brutal gloating from your friends. But don’t worry. Revenge is a dish best served cold. Or better yet, during your holidays in September.

 1. You have withstood all your friends’ summer selfies: Now, it’s your turn!


2. Nothing will get in your way: The beach is all yours.

3. There are still getaways by car and with friends! It had best be a convertible!

4. You can also opt for a cruise or a tropical destination: the price is brilliant!

5. Grab your hat and put it on! We’re off to the beach for fun in the sun: Your Indian summer awaits!

6. The cool, cleansing September waters are not a myth, but a reality.

7. Still, your skin is sunkissed against the sand, and you’re swimming like a mermaid.

8. There are still festivals to go to (without having to go to the office hungover the next day): DCode, Granada Sound Festival & BSide Festival.


9. New exhibits to see.

10. The waves are perfect for surfing.

11. And the surfers, perfect for dinner out on the town…

12. Plus, no reservations required.

13. Your favourite terrace is still open.

14. And the hit of the summer continues to be played.

15. And dance all night long! You know… 


16. For dessert: nothing better than a mojito.

17. The pool is still open!

18. Finally, you can show off all those new outfits you bought on sale.

19. Your selfies will always be sporting sunglasses.

20. Sandals will continue to be your best friends.

21. No-one will wear our UNOde50 rings and bracelets better than you.

22. There are still ads for summer activities.

23. Love might be a summer thing, or it could get even better in autumn…

24. You laugh at people going back to the office. The only place you’re going back to is the beach.

25. Wi-Fi access doesn’t matter; all that’ll matter is the fun you’re having.

26. You wish your return ticket would get lost in the lifeguard’s bathing costume

27. An alarm clock? What’s that?


28. You know that getting lost isn’t always a bad thing.

29. You take advantage of your holidays to fill up your Instagram account with photos. It’s about you updated it!

30. You considering leaving it all behind, become a blogger and stay on holiday without any return date.

31. Breakfast at 12 pm is not bad at all.

32. The list of top places you’ve been compiling since July is finally going to become a reality. And you’ll post all about them on your social networks.

33. One trip a year never hurt anybody.

34. The temperature is perfect for taking a stroll…

35. Trying new flavours: You still don’t know what Açaí is?

36. Watching the sunrise on the beach.

37. Reading all the books written by your friends, books recommended to you, books you’ve bought but still haven’t had the time to read.

38. The mosquitos have already called it a day,

39. You won’t be paying tourist season prices for food.

40. The guy you fancy has asked you out, but you are not interested any more.


41. With your ring NO WORRIES everything will be just fine.

42. Holidays are the perfect excuse for not going to the gym.

43. Just you, and nobody but you, yourself, and you…


44. Your mornings, filled with coffee. And your suitcase, filled with memories. Amen!

45. Your only worry will be finding the best day plan: Beach, mountains, or city? First World Problems…

46. It’s time to make your dreams come true.

47. Everybody is talking about summer as if it were the ice age, while you read their posts from your sunlounger, mojito in hand (talk about ‘ice’!)

48. You sleep like a baby with the covers up to your neck!

49. “Love Alight” by Crystal Fighters keeps playing on repeat.

50. And because September is coming, full of new things! Like our new collection 😉


Pic source: PlayBuzz  vía Pinterest