Christmas Gifts Special 2017: What to do when you know who to give gifts to but you don’t know what to give!

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Christmas means gifts. Gifts for our loved ones, family, friends, coworkers, etc. It is a time for sharing and making the people dear to you happy. In a nutshell, there are many people to give gifts to and even more choices of gifts. But let’s be realistic. You don’t always feel like running all over the city to find the perfect gift for each person.

That is why if this year you want to get the right gifts at just one place, we help to inspire you with different types of gifts for each profile:

The Best Gift for Mom

In this case, pearls are your best friend. They add sophistication to looks for the day and night. Surely your mother is modern and keeps up with trends. That is why at Unode50 we take the seriousness out of pearls by combining them with our signature materials: leather and silver.

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The Perfect Gift for Your Sister

Your sister, the one who is daring with everything. Who loves to give a final touch to her outfits with different accessories.  And the one who always borrows everything from you. This Christmas, we offer you a selection of very original jewelry to surprise her, like the Bite bracelet in silver or gold, a piece of jewelry that give a unique touch to any look.



The Gift Your Best Friend Deserves

Lots of times, giving a gift to your best friend is giving a gift to yourself too. If you and your best friend are joined at the hip and you share everything, be original this year. Buy the same bracelet for her and for you. This way you will share a pretty pair of bracelets, symbolizing the union of Christmas and friendship.

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Your Boyfriend, Your Gem

If your boyfriend is one of those people who wears leather or thread bracelets, if he wears cool belts and key chains that are awesome, he will love a little gift from Unode50. Get the right gifts this Christmas with our selection of watches for men. 

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