Chloe Wallace was born in 1994, the same year Kurt Cobain died, Tarantino released one of his masterpieces, Pulp Fiction, and Bon Jovi became the most acclaimed artist for his famous ‘Cross Road’. Chloe Wallace grew up imbued with the spirit of a key year in the decade of the 90’s.

Half American, half Spanish, she’s worked as an actress, model and producer, creating her own unique style: Chloe Rules! 

The challenging glint in her eye, her 397 freckles and her nineties style par excellence, have rendered her an Influencer. An inspiring attitude, a creativity that makes her unique and a different way of being natural. Because of all of this, at UNOde50 we knew she had to be the producer of our new campaign. As Kurt Cobain once said: ‘wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are’. Because Chloe Wallace really is… #guiltyofbeingme.


What identifies you most with UNOde50?

The fact of breaking moulds, like for instance, in their choice of me to direct the new campaign.

What models have inspired you in the making of this new campaign?

From the freedom surrounding women like Marianne Faithfull, Brigitte Bardot and Mónica Vitti in the 60’s to a more modern and kick-ass attitude among women like Kate Moss, Linda Evangelista and the supermodels of the 90’s.

What was the creative process like?

It was a really long process in which I’ve been supported by the fantastic team at Sopa de Toro. Dog castings, car choices, room selections, etc. There’s a lot of detail in every aspect.

Do you have any anecdotes from the set that you’d like to share with us?

I could tell you heaps! The filming was fun… The fountain scene that looks so pretty and summery. In reality it was 5 in the morning and Clara was freezing, the photography director got in practically shoeless because we didn’t have boots in his size, we had just 15 minutes left to finish filming… It looked like it was going to be disastrous, yet in the end the images are among my favourites.

What does Guilty of being ME mean to you?

The moment in which you realise you’re the black sheep of the flock.

Do you believe in the It Girl phenomenon?

No, I don’t to be honest… Haha!

Could you name three of your true idols?

My mother, Francis Ford Coppola and Jim Jarmusch

A song?

Kiss Off – Violent Femmes

A jewel?

A necklace to wear always.

Who is your #UNOde50?

Vivian Meyer