This season, be daring with charm bracelets  


The latest jewelry trends have arrived: bracelets with messages and charms are the must-have item in your jewelry box this fall-winter season. To help inspire you, UNOde50 presents a special selection of bracelets with positive messages and original symbols, so you can choose the ones that best suit your style.


5 of the hottest charm bracelets for this fall-winter season



If you prefer to brandish charms on your jewelry, ”Lakilov’‘ is the bracelet for you. Unlike the other pieces, it combines positive messages and unique symbols to create a universe full of imagination.



In keeping with the leather and silver trend, we present “Sealed.” This bracelet, that is not only original but brimming with personality and positivity, will bring your ensembles to life!


Lucky and Healthy 

Because good wishes are always well received, these are two of our best sellers! The silver-plated pieces pair flawlessly with other jewelry and complement any look. Get yours and may luck and good health be with you!



There are pieces that are not only perfect for you, but that make great gifts too. This is one of them: its simple design and comfort make it a favorite in this category.


Wax Seal

This bracelet combines three of the most important and desired elements all over the world: Health, Love, and Luck. It is a simple, silver-plated piece that perfectly complements any look in an understated way.

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