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5 summer looks with pieces of jewelry to triumph


The thermometer does not fail: the heat is here and it plans to stick around for the next few months. With the sound of the sea in the background and under the hot summer sun, looks full of life and above all, personality triumph. Qualities that inspire accessories like the pieces of jewelry. And there are pieces that have the power to boost your mood and any look. No style can resist them. Lightweight knit dresses with boho vibes; a white shirt and jeans, the classic pair; or the most folk-style garments are the perfect canvas to put pieces of UNOde50 jewelry.


Pieces of jewelry with a summer flavor

Link necklaces, XL rings, bracelets with unique designs and reinterpreted hoop earrings. Pieces that confirm that our pieces of jewelry are the best accessory for your summer look.

Sesión sin título3215

Sheer dresses in warm colors and golden pieces of jewelry that go well with your skin tone. A perfect mix for summer afternoons that will make you triumph by matching it with the Bite bracelet, the Knot Knot ring and the Ohmmm hoops.

Sesión sin título3100

A folk-style dress is practical, flattering and adds personality. But if you also put it together with UNOde50’s originality, the result is the most flattering. A winning bet with the Top Secret ring and the Swagy hoops are the stars.


Jeans and a white shirt, a perfect pair. If you also put it together with fine and sophisticated jewelry such as the Jungle Love necklace and bracelet, the look becomes a winning bet for any summer plan.


Gold, leather and white dresses. Our Gold Collection adds brightness and style on its own, just like that key garment in every wardrobe. Do you dare?


This gold link necklace and bracelet set creates a simple summer look—like some jeans and a crochet top— totally awesome.

This summer, the pieces of jewelry are the real winners of your look.

UNOde50’s new pieces are already here! We are the first to discover the Preview Fall-Winter Collection

Nuevos diseños exclusivos la colección Preview FW18

We love surprises and this year we want to surprise you with our new jewelry that is for sale starting today. A Preview Fall-Winter Collection that brings us the latest trends in jewelry so that you can wear them for the first time before anyone else this summer.

We are revealing new pieces in necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings so that you can go for a unique style during your next vacation. Don’t miss it!


Just in! New exclusive designs from the Preview FW18 Collection











In this new line, we bring back one of our iconic symbols: the dragonfly. This star returns to our designs lighter than ever and accompanied by Swarovski crystals.











So that you opt for the trendy colors of summer 2018, in this collection the pieces are filled with pastel shades from different ranges: pinks, blues, mauves… Unique summer jewelry with a bohemian and relaxed touch.


Plus, the recycled handcrafted crystals are combined with silver-plated metal with our characteristic finish and dark brown leather. Discover the new season preview and let yourself be carried away by its happy and timeless style.

4 basic springtime looks to pair with UNOde50’s Jungle Collection


Spring is right around the corner and the first rays of sunshine remind us that we’ll be able to enjoy the latest trends in no time at all. If you’re already itching to debut brighter looks with more color, don’t miss the latest from UNOde50 for spring-summer 2018. Collections like Ice, Oasis and Jungle have arrived to refresh the new season with style and vibrant colors.

Today we focus on Jungle, our jewelry line inspired by nature, perfect to combine with simple looks and transform basic outfits into stylish ensembles bursting with personality. Keep reading to hear our suggestions.

4 styles from the latest season to wear with Jungle jewelry

1.Jeans + basic top + western jacket

771A6832 (1)

If you opt for essentials like jeans and a white t-shirt, add a special garment like a fringed jacket and some eye-catching jewelry to give your outfit a unique touch. The Jungle neckace and the Leaf bracelet are the perfect bespoke accessories to embellish this look.

2. Natural leather jacket + light colored top


Light and natural tones are springtime favorites. Combine this easy style with a fun necklace like Treassure Robber or the Jungle Party bracelet and you’ll transform this simple outfit into a perfect 10.

3. Casual shirt + casual white pants


A cotton, denim, or linen shirt in a solid tone is ideal to pair with a necklace like Little George. This bold piece of jewelry will capture everyone’s gaze and will transform comfortable attire into a stylish look.

4.Head-to-toe black + colorful crystals

771A7259 _retocada (1)

If you want your jewelry to dominate your style, black is your best friend, even in spring. For example, a black t-shirt with a black biker jacket will work with any of the jewelry from the Jungle collection. Swarovski crystals in green, pink, and orange tones add spring details to your outfit.

Those are our suggestions. How would you wear our new Jungle line?

Yes to love, no to fuss: February 14 gift ideas


Flowers? Chocolates? The classic ring? This February 14 we want to shed the clichés and help you find the gift you really want, because the usual is a fine way to get by, but this year the goal is to conquer.

That’s why, if you still don’t know which item of jewelry you’d like to accompany your proposal, we suggest some UNOde50 pieces to celebrate a Valentine’s Day with more substance than fuss.

Valentine’s Day ideas

Because classic engagement rings are a bit of a bore, we suggest our “Nail Heart ring.” Stylish and daring, it is a wonderful way to say “I Love You.”


There are countless ways to interpret love. Our “Love at first sight necklace” features a nail molded into the shape of a heart, decontextualizing both symbols that come together in a unique design to create an irresistible piece of jewelry.


You can never have enough bracelets and this is a perfect occasion to add one more to your list. We present “Look Look bracelet,” featuring a silver-clad irregular heart at the center. This option is easily paired and perfect to wear every day.


But why pick only one? Our “Lady Marmalade bracelet” and our “Sisi ring” are the perfect duo that you won’t want to separate.



But if you really want to celebrate a different Valentine’s Day, opt for our unisex Genderless collection! Select two bracelets of the same model, one for you and one for that special someone, and get exclusive packaging at a special price.


You’ll fall in love with the new Valentine’s Day Collection from UNOde50

Portada_Blog_Guitarra (1)

The day of love is approaching and, like every year, UNOde50 joins the global phenomenon with a collection full of passion, simplicity, and sophistication. Each piece in the new Valentine’s Day Collection conveys a clear message of love without limits.

UNOde50’s creativity is reflected in this Valentine’s Day collection that breaks with convention. The line distinguishes itself with its romantic style, combining silver-clad models with leather to showcase a characteristic irregular heart. This range of comfortable, lightweight necklaces, bracelets, and rings add a bold touch to any look.

 Valentine’s Day collection: Jewelry you’ll fall in love with

 Romeo and Juliet

Whether you plan to treat yourself or someone else, these bracelets are perfect to wear every day. Silver and leather combine to create two pieces with their own individual style.




Broken heart

With its unique style, this original, silver-clad necklace is easy to combine and will add a bold touch to your look.


Soul mate

These heart-shaped earrings have special charm. Though small, they convey a clear message and are the perfect accessory for any look.


First date

This lightweight heart-shaped ring symbolizes love without barriers. With its sophisticated style, this piece will transport you to moments full of magic.


Discover the entire Valentine’s Collection in our website!

Time for something new! The new UNOde50 watches are on sale now


For lovers of timepieces, we have great news! We present the new SS18 Watch collection for Him and Her: a range of exclusive models with a unique style and minimalist touch in line with the latest trends. Created by the design team led by UNOde50’s creative director, José Azulay.

As a new development, we have introduced the silver-clad strap and have reinvented our iconic designs with lighter, flatter models for optimal comfort. The collection consists of men’s, women’s, and unisex watches, as always, handcrafted in Spain.

 The latest UNOde50 watches for 2018

 Ahora o nunca: this very feminine model is easily paired and will add elegance to all your looks.

Imagen_Blog_Reloj2 (1)

A tiempo: if you prefer leather for a more casual accent to your ensembles, ‘A tiempo” is the watch for you. A perfectly comfortable complement to your everyday looks.

Imagen_Blog_Reloj1 (1)

Cuenta atrás: the ideal unisex option to wear both day and night.

Imagen_Blog_relojes (1)

El tiempo vuela: Sophisticated and stylish, this unisex watch is the perfect accessory to add a hint of chic to your outfit.

Imagen_Blog_Reloj3 (1)

Check out the full collection on our website and start the new year with an accessory that never goes out of style!

The influencers’ favorite XL hoops are from UNOde50 and they’re called Swagy


Haven’t heard of UNOde50’s Swagy earrings? We’ll tell you all about today’s hottest hoops and how they became an Instagram sensation.

In recent months, these XL earrings with an organic design have won the hearts of the most celebrated, international influencers. Trendsetters like Belén Hostalet, Veronica Ferraro, Teresa Andrés Gonzalvo, Noor de Queen of Jet Lags, and Sara Baceiredo have helped popularize them.

image1 (2)

The bloggers pair these UNOde50 earrings with both party looks and casual outfits. Their ambitious design reflects the 100% handcrafted process that characterizes our brand.

They wear Swagy earrings: Get inspired!

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Looknatamelie with the gold Swagy earrings.

Clad in gold or silver, these irregular, asymmetrical earrings have a unique design that attracts attention. Valentina Marzullo has worn them in both silver and gold.

In silver, we’ve seen them adorning the ears of the UK’s Lucy Williams, Italy’s Nicoletta Reggio, and Spain’s Marta Martín of Dear Diary Blog.

nicoletta reggio

Sporting them in gold, the extensive list includes top bloggers like Laura Comolli from Milan, Babioles de Zoé from Paris, and Chriselle Lim from the US.

This bold piece of jewelry that causes a stir on social media is completely handcrafted in Spain by UNOde50. If you want to add an original, sophisticated touch to your favorite ensemble, give these earrings a try and find pairing inspiration from your favorite influencers.

Cibelle x Jenny _ Unode50Jewelry__05_preview

This season, be daring with charm bracelets  


The latest jewelry trends have arrived: bracelets with messages and charms are the must-have item in your jewelry box this fall-winter season. To help inspire you, UNOde50 presents a special selection of bracelets with positive messages and original symbols, so you can choose the ones that best suit your style.


5 of the hottest charm bracelets for this fall-winter season



If you prefer to brandish charms on your jewelry, ”Lakilov’‘ is the bracelet for you. Unlike the other pieces, it combines positive messages and unique symbols to create a universe full of imagination.



In keeping with the leather and silver trend, we present “Sealed.” This bracelet, that is not only original but brimming with personality and positivity, will bring your ensembles to life!


Lucky and Healthy 

Because good wishes are always well received, these are two of our best sellers! The silver-plated pieces pair flawlessly with other jewelry and complement any look. Get yours and may luck and good health be with you!



There are pieces that are not only perfect for you, but that make great gifts too. This is one of them: its simple design and comfort make it a favorite in this category.


Wax Seal

This bracelet combines three of the most important and desired elements all over the world: Health, Love, and Luck. It is a simple, silver-plated piece that perfectly complements any look in an understated way.

Find your favorite charm bracelets and get all the latest on our website.


Dare to look scary good this Halloween with UNOde50


Halloween is right around the corner and whether the look you’re going for is completely spooky or totally glam, UNOde50 has the perfect handcrafted jewelry to make your Halloween look complete. Here are iconic costume ideas with five must have UNOde50 jewelry pieces to have a fabulous UNOde50 Halloween.


Witches are an all-time favorite when it comes to this spooky holiday, and we have the perfect spell to have you looking downright witchin’. Flying broom? Check. Magic wand? Check. Classic black hat? Check. Now all that’s left is a touch of Sweet Danger. A limited edition short necklace formed from two rows of leather that interweave 15-micron silver-plated beads that simulate crocodile skin, combined with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS crystals in green. Add this to your look and you’ll be unstoppable. Now that’s no hocus pocus!



Sexy and dangerous all wrapped in one makes for one deadly showstopper. As a vampire out on the town, the original handmade wide bracelet composed of much-elongated silver-plated metal pieces mounted on a leather lace is enough to make someone say Ouch!!! without using your fangs.



We’ve had a mad king, it’s time for a mad queen. Paired with your most regal look, our limited edition, handcrafted silver plated short necklace resembling a choker and with three rounds at different heights gives you the right amount of Madness without the commoners seeking to overthrow you.



Don’t pack your gown away just yet! If being a mad queen isn’t your thing then you can always be the Belle of the ball. If you’re spending Halloween at the ball single, fear not, our bracelet made from irregular beads to simulate crocodile skin, with 15-micron silver-plating and SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS crystals in grey is all The Beast you’ll need to pair with your beauty.



If there is ever a time to do your makeup in a heavy black cat-eye, rock that cropped black wig, and dress from head-to-toe in jewelry, this is that time. Risen from the dead and the new fierce pharaoh of Halloween, it is only right to have Anubis by your right hand. Our silver-plated knuckle ring with triangular smoke-toned Swarovski crystal is more than enough to protect you in the afterworld.


We present “Simply Rett,” UNOde50’s new charity bracelet


This month at UNOde50, we are launching a new charity bracelet, keeping our commitment to Rett Syndrome. For years we have collaborated with the research into this neurological disorder that mainly affects girls and causes a severe motor and intellectual disability from the first months of life.


The funds raised from the sale of this charity bracelet will be donated to the National Association My Princess Rett and will go towards researching Rett Syndrome. Currently, there are more than 300,000 cases worldwide affecting boys and girls, with a much higher percentage of girls. The disorder usually manifests during the second year of life, and in all cases before the age of four.

The motto “Silent Angels” has been popularized by the actress Julia Roberts, an ambassador for the cause, in reference to the children affected. Like the previous ones, this motto is expressed in child’s handwriting on this new charity bracelet together with angel hands that are open, as a symbol of hope.

There are already many familiar faces from our country who actively collaborate with this cause: Sara Baras, Dani Rovira, Eva González, Toni Acosta, Paco León, Cayetano Rivera, etc.

Our new “Simply Rett” charity bracelet is unisex in design and has two new red and black leather straps. You can get it now at all of our stores around the world and in our online store.