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Don’t forget your jewelry and sunscreen: 6 tips to packing your bags for vacation


As vacation time approaches, we wonder about what new people, places and adventures await us, but most of all, we wonder what to pack. Two things are clear: we can’t forget our favorite jewelry or the sunscreen. But what about the rest? Here are 6 tips for packing the perfect beach or mountain-bound suitcase.

6 tips to packing your bags for vacation

  1. Roll your clothes: this technique is a classic among expert packers. Instead of folding your clothing the conventional way, we recommend rolling it up. This way you’ll not only save space, your clothes will arrive with fewer wrinkles.
  1. Choose compatible clothing: for example, skirts and shorts that you can wear with different tops. Ideally, all your clothes can be mixed and matched. And when packing your suitcase, only take what you know you’re going to wear.
  1. Important!: make a list of everything you want to take. Everything! Passport, cell phone charger, plane tickets, ID… take the list with you so on your return you can be sure not to leave anything behind.
  1. Preparing your toiletry bag: there are some tricks that can save you a lot of space in your toiletry bag. First: pack only the essentials. You can always buy what you need at your destination in the event of an emergency. Second, buy travel-size containers and fill them with your favorite shampoo, cleanser, moisturizer, etc.
  1. Choose well: if you’re going to buy a new suitcase for your trip, check how much it weighs and choose the lightest option. It seems obvious but we typically tend to prioritize other aspects like design or capacity.
  1. And most importantly, don’t forget your jewelry!: use a travel jewelry case or organizer to store them carefully. Separate the most delicate necklaces, bracelets and rings and carefully protect them to avoid scratching. Pack them in your carry-on. If your suitcase goes astray, you’ll be relieved to know you haven’t lost them.

Try these simple tips and start enjoying your well-deserved vacation as soon as possible.

Unique beaches in the world: Five exclusive destinations to enjoy on the seashore


What are the most beautiful beaches in the world? These days at UNOde50, we have left everything behind and we have gone to enjoy our new pieces of jewelry on the seashore. With our latest campaign, Every Summer Has a Story, we bring our designs to the beach so you can find the perfect bracelets, rings and earrings for your next seaside vacations. Start getting your suitcase ready because your trip begins now.

Five unique beaches in the world


  • Cala Macarelleta. Menorca (Spain). As a handcrafted Made in Spain brand, we begin this route with one of the most irresistible beaches in our country. This small cove is located in a beautiful enclave of the island of Menorca. White sand, turquoise waters and magnificent rocks surrounded by a wild pine forest.


  • Anse Sur d’Argent, La Digue Island (Seychelles). A spectacular and incomparable destination within the paradisiacal archipelago of Seychelles. Guaranteed peace and quiet in an area that is hard to reach and where corals and tropical fish can be seen almost on the shore of the beach. The granite rocks contrast with the fine sand and crystal clear waters.


  • Cannon Beach, Oregon (United States). This area of the US coast retains its natural beauty thanks to the fact that it has become a protected area. Surrounded by mountains and stretching up to 10 miles long, it is perfect for long walks and enjoying the incredible image created by the rocks that emerge from the ocean.


  • Playa Bonita, Samaná (The Dominican Republic). On the Dominican coast is this beach which stands out for its simplicity: sand, clear water and palm trees. An ideal destination and with few tourists, perfect for resting with lots of peace and quiet.


  • Sarakiniko, Milos Island (Greece). The Greek islands are full of stunning beaches, but Milos Island is in this wonder of white volcanic rock that is known locally as “moon beach.” The shapes of the rocks that have been created for centuries by the effect of the water and wind make it an unforgettable coast.

This is our selection of unique beaches. Which beach will be the setting of your summer story? Whichever one it is, don’t miss out on our selection of pieces of summer jewelry that are featured in Every Summer Has a Story by UNOde50.

Keys to get through the (traumatic) end of vacations


Selfies shot in the hot sun on paradisaical beaches, sleeping late and having long lazy mornings, and sunsets in charming unexpected places… have all finished. Vacations are definitely over and it’s time to get back into the routine. We all know there’s nothing more stressful than having to shift into high gear after enjoying long days of absolute relaxation. So, we have a few tips that just may help you survive this period in the best way possible.

  1. Start slowly

If you can get back into your daily life bit by bit, take advantage and do it. Don’t take on thousands of responsibilities, instead try writing down a list of priorities. Organize your inbox, schedule a meeting with your boss or do whatever you need to do to start off on the right foot.

Young woman enjoys bicycle ride in the city

Young woman enjoys bicycle ride in the city

  1. Settle into a routine (and then stop doing it again)

If September feels like an uphill slope, you could always try out some new hobbies that will fill you with excitement and motivation, even if they’re only a couple times a week. You could learn to knit, study that language you’ve always dreamed of learning, or dabble in the fantastic world of professional photography (and improve your social network postings at the same time). There are loads of options and—if your job isn’t the most exciting one around—this might help.

  1. Surround yourself with friends, all the time

And not just friends, but anyone who gives you a boost of positivity. Maybe you went on vacation with them, or you went with your partner or family. Whoever it was, spending your time with people who love you is an easy way to keep your serotonin levels high, and your happiness flowing.

Young couple being together

Young couple being together

  1. Plan your next trip

How about a getaway this fall? A long weekend away may be just the ticket during this season to help you settle in and make the uphill slope until Christmas less grueling. We’re talking about forging projects that take your mind off work.If you haven’t used up all your vacation days, then you’re truly lucky and you should start thinking about where you’ll go (and when you’ll need some more advice).


  1. Tidy up your life

Throw out everything you no longer use; donate clothes you haven’t worn in more than a year; organize your bookshelves;or make some space in your closet for the new.Get rid of notes, laptops and bills piled up in the living room. To start again, the best idea is to surround yourself with the things you like the most. A little fengshui can be great for getting back into your normal rhythm, so get going and get rid of the stress and anxiety caused by a chaotic messy room.


  1. Revamp your closet

Advising you to go crazy with your credit card can be applied to anytime, but now that fall is almost here, it might be time to treat yourself to a little shopping trip, which always seems to work so well. The key right now is to play around with layers, remembering the importance of accessories, which are what truly add that distinctive flair to your look.

Jewelry in particular can be a great idea for getting through a return to reality. Which is why we will show you some pieces from our latest collections, replete with designs with a bohemian spirit, absolutely unique and full of the attitude you’ll need to face the new season with style.

A guide around Europe to lose yourself outside the major capital cities

Group of friends together, enjoying a warm summer sunset light. Copy space on the right, and a bicycle is parked nearby.

Weekend getaways, long or short jaunts, the length of the trip doesn’t matter… in the end we always go to the same places. If you travel abroad, you probably end up in one of the five capital cities that you could recite by memory: Paris, Rome, Berlin, London or Amsterdam, which are all in the route through UNOde50 new international stores. are amazing destinations which evolve week by week and always offer travelers something new. The only downside is that you’re probably ignoring other cities that are equally interesting and where you’ve probably never been before. There are many destinations that we overlook when organizing our getaways, and they have as much if not more to offer than the cities we go back to time and again. Here there is a guide where we’ll tell you about five of them that you shouldn’t miss.


The second largest city in Germany has an amazing history behind it. The capital of the northern part of the country is one of the most important ports in Europe, and you can see this in the different architectural and urban planning styles found throughout the city. Unlike Berlin, Hamburg is no longer immersed in the chaos of reconstruction projects, although it is not immune to the hustle and bustle of Germany’s large cities. The St. Pauli neighborhood is the center of the city’s nightlife, and its daytime activity, and it still somewhat resembles the red light district it used to be. Shanze, within the Altona neighborhood, is the most modern zone. It is gentrified, but not overwhelmingly, and it still boasts a unique spirit.


Far from Vienna and practically in the Alps, Salzburg is the fourth largest city in Austria. In a fairly small country, being the fourth largest city may not seem like much, but Salzburg was one of the hubs of wealth in this country back when it was founded, and this means that was highly developed in the past. The city’s architecture was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996, and it has six upwards of museums. If you need any more reasons for visiting, remember that The Sound of Music was filmed in and around the city, and Salzburg is where Mozart lived and wrote his most celebrated scores.

View of St. Wolfgang waterfront with Wolfgangsee lake, Austria

View of St. Wolfgang waterfront with Wolfgangsee lake, Austria


Warsaw is famous, but Krakow is gradually stealing visitors to Poland away from it, especially those who are searching for the splendor of a country with an incredible history. The city has been a UNESCO Human Heritage Site since 1978, and there are plenty of reasons why it was given this recognition. The Polish authorities have made sure to make the city a hospitable place open to all kinds of visitors. Its hidden-away corners and its different construction periods, which span from the Middle Ages to the Baroque era, offer visitors a unique experience, while both vodka and pierogis (a delicious kind of small pie) are super-cheap.


Even though Romania is one of the least developed countries in the European Union, its capital is making gargantuan efforts to bring itself up on par with its neighbors. In recent years, the tourism industry has experienced many improvements and growth which make it appealing. Precisely the low cost of living in the capital of Romania means that creative young people from the country or neighboring countries are settling in the city, which has given rise to exciting zones like the Old Quarter and the entire area around the University of Bucharest.


Not only nostalgic ravers from the 1990’s love to experience this city in northern England between Leeds and Liverpool. As the cradle of tons of bands which changed the world music scene, like The Smiths and Oasis, the city has lots to offer visitors without their having to put up with the sky-high prices of London, for example. Manchester is lovely and a popular destination among young people who are moving here to seek opportunities after getting fed up with the complicated capital city. The Northern Quarter is a neighborhood brimming with bars and cafes where you can enjoy a different kind of local experience.


More and more people find that travelling is becoming the new luxury. The chance to train our eyes, meet new people, have unforgettable experiences and even being able to share them with our friends via the social media is fantastic. However, there are also minor mishaps which we have to deal with when embarking on a journey: waiting for flights that never arrive, dealing with languages we don’t know and even wondering what to wear in the destination!

Fortunately for everyone, the last problem is easy to solve. If you’re the kind of person who avoids the classic vacation spots and plans, you are clearly also unique, daring and adventurous. So below we are pleased to present the key UNOde50 products which will make all your travelling looks unforgettable.