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Keys to get through the (traumatic) end of vacations


Selfies shot in the hot sun on paradisaical beaches, sleeping late and having long lazy mornings, and sunsets in charming unexpected places… have all finished. Vacations are definitely over and it’s time to get back into the routine. We all know there’s nothing more stressful than having to shift into high gear after enjoying long days of absolute relaxation. So, we have a few tips …

A guide around Europe to lose yourself outside the major capital cities

Group of friends together, enjoying a warm summer sunset light. Copy space on the right, and a bicycle is parked nearby.

Weekend getaways, long or short jaunts, the length of the trip doesn’t matter… in the end we always go to the same places. If you travel abroad, you probably end up in one of the five capital cities that you could recite by memory: Paris, Rome, Berlin, London or Amsterdam, which are all in the route through UNOde50 new international stores. are amazing destinations which evolve week …