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Our Crush Collection is taking over Instagram: these are the influencers who love it


Sweltering heat, paradisiacal beaches, infinity pools and heart-stopping looks. Looks like the ones we can see these days on the streets of fashionable cities in summer and, of course, on Instagram. There are many fans on this social network, a worthy successor of fashion magazines, who are a source of inspiration for your summer styles. If you have gone through Instagram profiles or if you have simply taken a close look with suggestions designed for you, you may have noticed that a jewelry collection has conquered land, sea and air this summer. Our Crush Collection! Few influencers have resisted feathers during these vacations. Just take a look!


The influencers are seduced by the Crush Collection

Marta Lozano went with the Strut necklace, the Feather bracelet and the Strut ring. The result was perfect for an afternoon at sea.
Foto 2

Teresa Andrés joins the trend of “more is more” by mixing four pieces of jewelry from our Crush Collection: I like you earrings, the Peak and pen necklace and Feather and Strut rings.
Image3 (1)

Ares Aixala bets everything on feathers as we can see in this look. The stars are the Look at me earrings, the Feather necklace and the Strut necklace.
image1 (6)

Lucía Bárcena has given us heart-stopping looks through her Instagram account. Looks where Crush jewelry can’t be left out like the Strut necklace.
IMG_4521 (3)

Marta Vidaurreta has gone for the summer necklace, Strut, and she has combined it with the Look at me bracelet. A great move!
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There aren’t more summery pieces of jewelry than the ones from our Crush Collection. Just look at the look Trendy Taste chose for an afternoon at the beach: the Peak and Pen necklace combined with the Strut necklace.

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Keep an eye on Instagram, you don’t know where you can find inspiration for your next looks.

The best jewelry for your wedding dress


A bride’s jewelry is one of the most important elements to take into account on her wedding day. There are those who choose classic and simple designs, and others who place all the styling emphasis on eye-catching accessories. Regardless, no bridal look is complete without jewelry. As the perfect accompaniment to make you shine on your wedding day, it’s important to know what suits you best and how to choose well. Check out the selection from UNOde50 of the best bridal jewelry and pick your favorite.


Check out our selection of the best bridal jewelry

Necklaces: they are the most visible of all pieces of jewelry. You can offset the style of your dress with another style of jewelry: if your dress is simple and minimal, try some flashy jewelry with character; if your dress is more romantic, opt for pieces with sober, polished lines. (1. Necklace Plucked, 2. Speaking of the devil, 3. You’re mine, 4. B12)


Bracelet: Combine this jewel with a necklace or let your bracelet steal the show. If your dress has long sleeves, you can wear several bracelets to achieve a “cuff” look. Be careful to match them perfectly with the dress because they will be visible. (1. Bracelet Trabel, 2. Estás grillado, 3. Plucked, 4. Feather).


Earrings: they are the stars of the season and no bridal look is complete without them. XL versions in silver and gold, with colorful crystals or pearls will add a ton of personality to your style. Choose the ones that best complement your hairstyle and give in to the hottest trend at the moment. (1. Earrings On tip toes, 2. Half moon, 3. Feather, 4. Anemone).


Ring: without a doubt, rings add a lot of personality if you know how to choose and combine them. A mix of XL gold rings can break up a simple, minimalist look. Or you can opt to wear just one that matches your bracelet and necklace. (1. Ring Bis-a-dos, 2. The crevice, 3. Knot knot, 4. Strut).


A simple gesture can completely change the perception of your bridal look. You just have to choose the right jewelry.

New Collection! Crush arrives to give us a sneak peek at upcoming jewelry trends


Phases of Love enters a new and exciting stage along with the Crush Collection. Pieces of jewelry with lots of character and full of life where the most elegant feathers play the leading role. Feathers that are inspired by birds that show all their splendor to woo their mate and join crystals that bring touches of sparkle and light.


Be the first to discover the new Crush Collection

Silver, crystals, leather and feathers, lots of feathers! Discover our new Crush Collection and fall in love with its pieces of jewelry:


Timeless pieces of jewelry designed to take any style to new heights and give a touch of distinction that goes with office looks as well as styles for Saturday nights. Create the perfect set of jewelry with the Peak and pen necklace and the Feather ring.


Silver is the overarching element of the Crush collection and it plates necklaces, bracelets and rings with Unode50’s personal style. Be seduced by the feathers of the A Pico y Pluma bracelet, the Feather ring and the Feather necklace.


The statement earrings are the hit of the season (and between us, they plan on staying a long time). They come in many different shapes but with some elements in common: they must be XL and cause an explosion of life on your face. Our I like you earrings are a clear example of this.


The result is very different pieces to stand out on any occasion. Don’t miss them!

MIX & MATCH: Combinations of UNOde50 pieces boots your “likes”


Gold, silver, decorated with pearls or charms, leather or colored crystals… UNOde50 has so many different types of jewelry, and knowing how to combine them is quite a skill. The intricate art of Mix & Match has become the key look of the season. There are no limits. From XL jewelry combined with more delicate and minimalist pieces, to charm necklaces paired with simple bracelets with clean lines. Any combination can be a good idea, and give you thousands of ‘likes’.


6 exclusive jewelry sets of UNOde50

Here at UNOde50, we would like to give you key ideas to create some luxury combinations this summer:


Gold Opportunity: our Gold Collection provides a source of inspiration to create looks with plenty of personality. This set made up of a B12 necklace, bracelet and ring is so special that you won’t need any other accessory.


More is more: The exuberant excess of the Link necklace, the elegance of the Awesome bracelet and the clean lines of the OHMMM.. earrings make this set a statement of intent. Perfect to combine with your wardrobe staples and achieve a hallmark UNOde50 look.


Silver set: with our dragonfly motif as the linking theme, this set combines sweetness, originality and style in equal measure. Fans of silver jewelry can find many more combinations like these in our Sweetness Collection.



Working girl: perfect set of jewelry for an office look. Eye-catching, elegant and full of character. Leave the dress code to one side with the Cuenta atrás watch, the Zen bracelet and the The Crevice ring.


Rocker style: if you will be spending the summer rocking from one festival to another, this is the perfect Mix & Match for you. Necklace, bracelet and ring set. Bold, personal with a 100% UNOde50 groundbreaking design that is sure to be a smash hit.


Chic & Charm: oozing sophistication and elegance, this gold jewelry set can turn any look into the very height of chic. Don’t leave home without your Knot knot ring, the Mira por dónde! necklace and Knot knot earrings.


Discover more sets of jewelry on our website and dare to create your own UNOde50 Mix & Match.




We have the final list! Nine hoop earrings that you will love this summer


Timeless, versatile and a symbol. Hoop earrings are not a current trend, simply because they have never stopped being fashionable. They have the power to improve any look and match with any garment or style. From a look with jeans and a white shirt to dresses for special occasions. In gold, silver, small or large, with polished lines or ones that break the rules… There are some for each type of girl.


9 hoop earrings that you will love

Some say that they are the oldest pieces of jewelry in history. In Sumer, they were already worn by women as a decoration and later in Egypt, they were worn by both sexes, even cats! Now, this chameleonic piece is continually reinvented with thousands of designs that surprise year after year. And the hoops are an inexhaustible source of originality and at UNOde50 we love that.

Take a look at our gallery and choose yours!


ANEMONE: for lovers of simplicity with a rebellious touch, don’t miss these embossed gold earrings. Perfect for special occasions.

open your mind

OPEN YOUR MIND: small, silver and with an irregular shape that gives them extra originality. Combine them with a jeans look plus a white shirt and you will succeed!


SWAGY: already turned into a true UNOde50 icon, these earrings are the perfect accessory for any occasion. And…who can resist them?

tu orbitas

TÚ ORBITAS?: this piece of jewelry is a clear example of how hoop earrings can break the rules. Discover them!


LOLLYPOPS: with this irregular hoop shape, the most fun earrings of our Gold Collection are presented.



LINKED: a conceptual design inspired by an industrial taste and with the creative personality characteristic of UNOde50.

knot knot oro

KNOT KNOT: in gold or silver, these hoop earrings exude elegance and originality in equal proportion. Perfect for any event and even more so if you combine them with their matching ring!



SUNRISE: this creative design in the shape of ears of wheat is the perfect accessory for summer vacations.


OHMMM..: both in gold and silver, it is the piece of jewelry that can turn any normal look into a mind-blowing one.


There are no UNOde50 hoop earrings that are the same as the others. There are many shapes, finishes and sizes to choose from. Which do you choose?

Wedding guest earrings: find the perfect accessory for your next wedding

IMG_5378 - copia

We are right in the middle of wedding season and it is time to prepare the wedding guest look that best suits you. Accessories are one of the most important elements of any party styling and today we are focusing on one of the most important ones: earrings. In general, jewelry can radically change an outfit. Depending on the style of the outfit you pick, it can become elegant, baroque, modern or daring.

The earrings are also a key piece of the look, often times becoming the stars of it. Whether you are a minimalist wedding guest or you want to give a rock touch to a sheer dress, here are some ideas from UNOde50 to find the perfect earrings for the occasion.


Ten wedding guest earrings for whatever your style may be

1. Wild Bush Earrings: a touch of color in line with the trends for 2018.


2. Swagy Earrings: some original hoops that are also available in gold.


3. Stalactite Earrings: with Swarovski crystal to add a touch of light to your outfit.


4. Scales Earrings: match them however you want because they go with everything.


5. Oasis Earrings: pearls always triumph in wedding guest outfits, especially when they are different.


6. Do you orbit? Earrings: an exclusive and minimalist design perfect for these occasions.


7. Superunos Earrings: to set a trend in electric blue, wear them with a low updo.


8. Ohmmm.. Earrings: UNOde50 hoops are always different. You can also wear these in silver.


9. Scales Earrings: perfect for when you are just looking for a small detail to go with a dress with a lot of personality.


10. Knot Knot Earrings: they have just arrived at our stores and are a top trend in gold.

pendientes- invitada-knot-knot

Discover these and many other Unode50 designer earrings for wedding guests in our online selection. And let’s celebrate love!

In living color: 10 vibrant pieces of jewelry for 2018

1de50 9-4-201890415RGB

Summer is on its way and Shades returns to UNOde50, a collection of colorful jewelry to combine with your looks for the new season, because when temperatures rise, so does our desire to add vivid accessories to our summery ensembles. UNOde50 will help you forget the cold and colorless with a range of vibrant jewelry designed to illuminate the season.

Say ‘adios’ to black: this season it’s all about color.

1- Ride the Wave earrings: wear them with head-to-toe denim and you can’t go wrong.


2- Perla del Caribe necklace: a very special design that won’t go unnoticed with a white t-shirt or button-down.


3- Waikiki ring: an extra large piece you’ll wear all summer long.


4- Heaven and Earth: a boho-chic icon of UNOde50 summers.


5- Neritidae earrings: a creation featuring details of color and mother-of-pearl with the brand’s unique style.


6- Nacaroni necklace: Leather, a summer basic, is the star of this design.


7- A bit wind up bracelet: multicolor to add a distinctive note to all your outfits this season.


8- Look Out! bracelet: bespoke detail in warm and cool tones.


9- Peter Olé ring: another of our iconic designs that works with dresses or jeans.


10- Surfer anklet: anklets are a must in the summer months. Got yours yet?


Ideas for UNOde50 moms: different jewelry for that sure-fire gift


Your mom is one of a kind. She always picks up the phone when you’re desperate, she’s there when you need her, she encourages you to reach your potential at work, she’s your most loyal follower when it comes to trends. And above all, no one makes your favorite dish better. Doesn’t she deserve a gift as great as her on Mothers’ Day?

Of course she does. On Mothers’ Day and every other day of the year. But on this special day, show her how important she is with a unique and original gift from our selection of different jewelry items for UNOde50 moms.

10 jewelry items for unique moms


Eres Mía necklace: this rock ‘n roll piece won’t go unnoticed.


Duna earrings: pearls and a splash of color for her more summery ensembles.


A Pearl of Wisdom ring: XXL for lovers of statement jewelry.


What a Mess bracelet: one of our most iconic bohemian-inspired pieces.


A tiempo watch: you can’t go wrong with a designer watch like this one.


Knot Knot ring: a new arrival in stores and one of today’s hottest trends.


I give you… key ring: give the gift of wishes with this design featuring charms and messages.


Zen bracelet: a bespoke design that can also be included in the Genderless Pack.


Stalactite earrings: with Swarovski crystals and an air of glamor.


Nyota cuff: a creation that goes with everything.

Find more Mothers’ Day ideas in our gift range.

Springtime best-sellers: check out the top sellers from our SS18 collection 


Want to know which pieces are this spring’s hottest items? Here are the top 10 best-sellers from the new spring-summer 2018 collection. Got yours?

UNOde50 New Collection, 10 Spring-Summer best-sellers:

1-Seashore bracelet:


2 – Seashore earrings:


3 – Caribean Pearl necklace:


4 – Waikiki ring:


5 – Sahara earrings:


6 – Coralline bracelet:


7 – Deserted braccelet:


8 – Little George bracelet:


9 – Green Berry necklace:


10 – Jungle Love bracelet:


Vibrant colors and summery styles are this spring’s top sellers. Check them out for your look this season and buy them in stores and online.

These earrings will take 10 years off your look: we’ll tell you how and why


Yes, they exist: the earrings that can turn your classic or simple look into a more youthful and dynamic one. Want to know what they are?

We won’t beat around the bush. It’s all about hoops, an earring design we all know and love that, in its medium and XXL versions, can add an air of nonchalance and sassiness to any style.

Today, the possibilities for hoop earrings are infinite. They come in silver and gold finishes, in all sizes, in geometric shapes, textured or plain, etc. It all depends on your style and what touch you want to add to an outfit.

At UNOde50, we’ve made our own list of earrings that will take 10 years off your look. Check ‘em out!

Earrings that will take years off your look

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Swaggy: one of the stars among international influencers. This very original, modern design features an irregular finish that comes in both silver and gold. Give them a try and discover their anti-aging properties.


Ohmmm: these hoops are already one of our most iconic creations. They may be simple but their imperfect, artisanal design gives them that special UNOde50 style. They also come in gold and silver finishes.


Anemone: a creative design from our Gold Collection that is only available online. If you dare, wear two in the same ear to multiply the rejuvenating effect.


Ripples: their smaller design and double hoop effect make these earrings an original and practical accessory for everyday wear. If you’d rather not think about changing earrings day in and day out, these are made for you.

As age becomes less important, what matters is feeling good about ourselves at every stage of life. That doesn’t mean we stop toying with our style to find that perfect balance between our personality and our appearance. To discover more unique hoop earring models, like Lollypops, Knot Knot and Sunrise, visit our stores and our website.