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5 famous quotes about jewelry you should know


Jewelry is always a conversation starter and it’s the subject of some of history’s most famous quotes. You’ll have heard many of them, but do you know who said them? We’ll fill you in.

Iconic quotes about jewelry:

  1. Diamonds are girl’s best friend”: One of the most famous quotes about jewelry and one of Marilyn Monroe’s most memorable lines. The great actress popularized it worldwide in the musical Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.


  1. You can’t cry on a diamond’s shoulder, and diamonds don’t keep you warm at night, but they’re sure fun, when the sun shines”: a memorable line from the one and only Elizabeth Taylor. Throughout her life, the violet-eyed actress managed to accumulate an incredible jewelry collection that was sold after her death.
  2. “I have always felt a gift diamond shines so much better than one you buy for yourself.” The brilliant Mae West was the brains behind this quote. The actress, singer, and playwright was known for her irony and cheek.


  1. A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.” Coco Chanel, who uttered this famous phrase, was a great fan of pearls as jewelry and fashion statement. She applied pearls in different ways to many of her designs and the multi-strand necklace was one of the basics of her style.
  2. It is hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world,” Dolly Parton said of herself. In addition to being a legendary American singer, she is famous for her wit and humor.

These quotes have become legendary, but there are many more on the subject of jewelry. What’s your favorite?


Collage Vintage, Belen Hostalet… Who’s wearing UNOde50’s Genderless bracelets?


Unisex jewelry has always been part of UNOde50’s DNA and this season we have expanded our collection of Genderless bracelets.  One of the most popular models among influencers is the Tied bracelet, a bespoke, silver-clad piece.

Who wore our Genderless bracelets?

Want to know who’s opted for our unisex designs and also find style tips for wearing them? Here are the some of the best photos from influencers like Nina Urgell, Paula Ordovás and Sara Escudero.


Belén Hostalet: Who doesn’t want to experience an endless summer? We love Belén’s beachy look, where she pairs our unisex design with a white bikini and a crocheted top. We’ll take it for our next vacation!


Ninauc: Every day, Nina Urgell’s style seduces her more than 770k followers. Nina combines our jewelry with a white normcore t-shirt, a look she shares with her man and one that we all have in the closet.


Cup of Couple: UNOde50’s Amarrado bracelets have also appeared in the Instagram accounts of Mike Madrid and Gabriel García. Their minimalist style is very unique and always fun. Do you like it as much as we do?


Collage Vintage: Sara Escudero, known for her blog Collage Vintage, is one of the most-followed Spanish influencers. Sara wears our bracelet with her partner and photographer, Diego, in New York.


Biel Juste and Carlota Bruna: This influencer couple already rocked our Genderless line last year, and in 2018 they’re not to be outdone. We love their artistic photos that make a clear statement: all you need is a pair of jeans to wear them with style.


My Peep Toes: She and her partner, Enieto, have chosen the Amarrado unisex bracelet to wear with basic tones like black, blue, and beige. The denim fabric is also an important element of their style.

Discover the Tied bracelet and other unisex designs from our Genderless collection at our stores and on our website.

The influencers’ favorite XL hoops are from UNOde50 and they’re called Swagy


Haven’t heard of UNOde50’s Swagy earrings? We’ll tell you all about today’s hottest hoops and how they became an Instagram sensation.

In recent months, these XL earrings with an organic design have won the hearts of the most celebrated, international influencers. Trendsetters like Belén Hostalet, Veronica Ferraro, Teresa Andrés Gonzalvo, Noor de Queen of Jet Lags, and Sara Baceiredo have helped popularize them.

image1 (2)

The bloggers pair these UNOde50 earrings with both party looks and casual outfits. Their ambitious design reflects the 100% handcrafted process that characterizes our brand.

They wear Swagy earrings: Get inspired!

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Looknatamelie with the gold Swagy earrings.

Clad in gold or silver, these irregular, asymmetrical earrings have a unique design that attracts attention. Valentina Marzullo has worn them in both silver and gold.

In silver, we’ve seen them adorning the ears of the UK’s Lucy Williams, Italy’s Nicoletta Reggio, and Spain’s Marta Martín of Dear Diary Blog.

nicoletta reggio

Sporting them in gold, the extensive list includes top bloggers like Laura Comolli from Milan, Babioles de Zoé from Paris, and Chriselle Lim from the US.

This bold piece of jewelry that causes a stir on social media is completely handcrafted in Spain by UNOde50. If you want to add an original, sophisticated touch to your favorite ensemble, give these earrings a try and find pairing inspiration from your favorite influencers.

Cibelle x Jenny _ Unode50Jewelry__05_preview

We present “Simply Rett,” UNOde50’s new charity bracelet


This month at UNOde50, we are launching a new charity bracelet, keeping our commitment to Rett Syndrome. For years we have collaborated with the research into this neurological disorder that mainly affects girls and causes a severe motor and intellectual disability from the first months of life.


The funds raised from the sale of this charity bracelet will be donated to the National Association My Princess Rett and will go towards researching Rett Syndrome. Currently, there are more than 300,000 cases worldwide affecting boys and girls, with a much higher percentage of girls. The disorder usually manifests during the second year of life, and in all cases before the age of four.

The motto “Silent Angels” has been popularized by the actress Julia Roberts, an ambassador for the cause, in reference to the children affected. Like the previous ones, this motto is expressed in child’s handwriting on this new charity bracelet together with angel hands that are open, as a symbol of hope.

There are already many familiar faces from our country who actively collaborate with this cause: Sara Baras, Dani Rovira, Eva González, Toni Acosta, Paco León, Cayetano Rivera, etc.

Our new “Simply Rett” charity bracelet is unisex in design and has two new red and black leather straps. You can get it now at all of our stores around the world and in our online store.

The UNOde50 top pieces preferred by the influencers


This season, many of the most influential trendsetters have accessorized their ensembles with UNOde50 pieces. We’ll tell you which are their favorites and how they recommend wearing them!

Andrea Belver, the queen bee of social media from Barcelona, opts for a brand classic — an XL silver ring that adds the perfect casual yet modern touch to her look.

Andrea Belver Post 1

Inés Arroyo, instagrammer and founder of Lagaam, wears a necklace and bracelet from the FW2017 Grains Collection, inspired by nature’s extraordinary shapes and colors.

Inés Arroyo - Post 1

If anyone knows how to rock jewelry, it’s Babioles de Zoe. The young Parisian is an authority on style and trends. She pairs her ensemble with the ‘’Osiris’’ necklace, a bespoke piece with Swarovski crystal detailing and several silver rings on the same hand to create the perfect mix & match look.


Other influencers, like Rocío Caballero and María Martín—known as ‘’Deardiaryblog”—have opted for UNOde50’s Gold Collection, wearing different pieces in gold with organic and sophisticated designs.

Rocío combines the open ‘’B12’’ choker, an iconic gold-plated nail, with ‘’Anemone’’ hoop earrings for a simple, classic look.

Rocío Caballero

“Deardiaryblog” adds a carefree touch to her look with ”Swagy” earrings, one of the brand’s top sellers. These gold-plated hoops are characterized by their irregular, asymmetrical finish—a versatile piece that works for both day and night.

Sara Baceiredo Post 1 (2)

José Azulay, UNOde50’s President, presents his book ‘A Creative Universe’


“I knew that I wanted to create my own designs to convey my passions, my fears, my anxieties, my inner world. To express myself and create art.”

 In recent years, UNOde50 has become the most prevalent Spanish jewelry brand around the world. It has proprietary stores on the most exclusive streets of New York, Paris, Milan, London, Barcelona, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Rome, Madrid, and many others, where it shares the spotlight with the most prestigious international brands.

With their power and easily identifiable character, UNOde50 designs attract women and men of all ages and from all cultures. More than consumers, they are loyal fans of the firm. Underlying this “Made in Spain” success, there is a creative universe and a passionate heart: that of its creator, José Azulay.

This book opens the door to know further about the universe of UNOde50’s President and Creative Director, as well as the universe of the jewelry brand.


In this book, José Azulay explains for the first time his creative process, his desires, his concerns, and his passions. In other words, everything that nourishes and gives life to the inimitable jewelry of UNOde50.

“We are all different. Even different depending on the day. Or on the time of day. That is why each UNOde50 piece is different. I want to express moods in my designs.

With the metals whose curves reflect a countless number of emotions, their magnificence, their strengths. With the leather that represents the beginning of time and life, nature in the primitive state. The crystals symbolize the joy of living, positivity, fantasy and glamour.

And the finished design comes from that mix. The triumph of free spirit, harmony, and, above all, the joy of knowing that what I have done with all my soul is going to make many people happy.”


Combating Rett Syndrome together

As part of the firm’s commitment to the research of Rett syndrome, all proceeds from the sale of this book will go to the Mi Princesa Rett association.

The book is on sale September 5 at all UNOde50 stores, & Amazon.



If you are already getting your closet ready for the new season, we will tell you which accessory cannot be left out of any of your looks: maxi-earrings. This year, XXL earrings are bursting onto the scene, becoming the season’s must-have. You will be able to find them in all shapes and styles, made with all kinds of materials like metal, pearls, leather and crystal.

When choosing them, it is important that you take into account your style and personality as well as the occasion when you will wear them, since they are an accessory with lots of strength and personality.

If you a person who usually goes for classics, get swept up in simple silver and gold XXL designs. If you like to be more daring instead, we recommend that you wear more geometric designs with a combination of materials.

5 options to wear UNOde50’s XXL earrings

SWAGY earrings: because silver and gold are in fashion, we are showing you these earrings characterized by their transgressive and original style, perfect for matching with a black evening gown and clutch.


I LIKE YOU DROP BY DROP earrings: within its many styles, the combination of leather with gold is gaining momentum in this type of accessory. Wear them at an event or on a special occasion.

pen0332oromar0u (1)

RIVE-TING earrings: A piece of jewelry with an independent style with which you will add a touch of personality to your outfits.


SUNRISE earrings: earrings with an original herringbone design, comfortable and elegant to wear with an updo or a braid.


ADVENTURE earrings: they stand out for their small details inspired by wheat, perfect for adding a casual as well as a more elegant touch to your looks. Their different shades add a happy and relaxed touch.


If you want to discover more products and get the season’s must-have , you can visit UNOde50 and choose the one that suits you better.

20th Anniversary: a party that will go down in history


The actress Lindsay Lohan, the race car driver Fonsi Nieto, the journalist Ana García-Siñeriz, the actor Fernando Andina and the illustrator Brianda Fitz-James Stuart were just some of the VIP guests who did not want to miss the UNOde50 anniversary party. After all, a 20th anniversary truly deserves to be celebrated in style and with great company.

The red carpet was one of the best moments of the night:







The location was also a highlight of the evening: the incredible Palacio de Saldaña in the heart of Madrid’s Salamanca neighbourhood was transformed into an artistic jungle to create living history, the history of UNOde50. Works of art, antique furnishings and tropical plants surrounded the guests as they discovered the special “20th Anniversary” collection on live models.






And the best part of the event was the party in the palace gardens. The DJ’s Cristina Tosio and Katy Sáinz from Crush DJ were in charge of spinning the tunes. The catering, crafted by Samantha de España, was incredible. And the guests were living it up every minute, including the press from Paris, Milan, London and New York, bloggers from both Spain and abroad, business leaders and celebrities who were sure not to miss the most spectacular event ever hosted by UNOde50.

















Next 22nd of March is World Water Day. Essential and mysterious, water has provided inspiration for the worlds of arts, fashion architecture… And even jewellery. Here are ten original examples in which H20 is the protagonist.

The Green Lake phenomenon, a nature reserve that is submerged by the thaw from nearby mountains at each change of season, creating a lake perfect for diving. You can submerge yourself among its trees and benches, enjoying nature in a different way.


The bikini that cleans water pollution, a sustainable fashion design. Created in California, it’s made of a spongy and hydrophobic material capable of absorbing up to 25 times its own weight in contaminants. Recyclable and with a low-cost production, it is pure fashion at the service of the environment.


The Subsix Restaurant, both inspired by the ocean and literally submerged in it. It is located in the Maldives, a forty-minute seaplane journey away from the international airport of Malé and six metres beneath the surface of the sea. The complex also has the first submarine disco in the world.


The infinite pool of Singapore’s Hotel Marina Bay Sands, one of the most expensive hotels in the world, offers a view of the entire city. Located on the fifty-seventh floor of this skyscraper, those who have swum in it claim that you can swim to the edge to experience how it would feel to fall off the top of the world.


The ‘Anemone’ bracelet from the ‘Unexplored Worlds’ collection by UNOde50. Daring and unique, its leather cord is complemented with the colour of the beads and crystals in coral, lime, green and blue tones. A mould-breaking design to pay tribute to the oceans that are a source of life.


Aurum 79, the most expensive water in the world and, by all accounts, the best too. It comes from the Fiji Islands, is packaged in a solid, 24-karat gold bottle and stored in a leather case. But it is not water alone, it also contains 5 milligrams of dissolved gold dust.


The Great Blue Hole in Belize which, according to researchers is the biggest blue hole in the world. A submarine cave that is over 300 metres long and 125 metres deep that has become the most popular divers’ hotspot.


The Japonese dessert mizu shingen mochi. A drop of water that, in reality, is a pastry. This is a variation of the traditional rice cake, known in Japan as shingen mochi. With its transparent and crystalline appearance, it is made of the water from the springs of the South Japanese Alps. It is sweetened and solidified to give it shape.


The ‘Ego’ earrings from the ‘Wild Life’ collection by UNOde50. They are silver-plated and have blue Murano crystals. An elegant, rounded piece that has been handcrafted and is 100% Made in Spain.


The Hotel Hydropolis Underwater in the Persian Gulf, designed as the first luxury underwater hotel in the world. A project that placed it 20 metres below the surface of the sea, just in front of the Jumeirah beach in Dubai.


Red carpet jewels for your everyday wear


The big date on the cinema calendar took place with the most anxiously awaited red carpet of the year. A parade of impeccable looks, carefully chosen to set trends. But this red carpet does not live off shoes and dresses alone. Obviously, jewels are also exhibited on it. On this last edition, the choices were so versatile that they could even accompany you in your everyday life. Don’t miss out on the jewel trends of the 2016 edition of the Oscars!

Naomi Watts’ unique style completed with a short necklace drew all eyes. An exclusive jewel in which the small, leaf-shaped pieces were gradually assembled to crown one of the most brilliant choices of the night. Like our ‘Studio 54’ necklace, in which the pieces are interspersed with Swarovski crystals.


The ever-daring décolletage of Charlize Theron was adorned with an extra-long necklace in the style of our Miedusa’, with its round beads, was one of the most applauded options. The best way to wear a jewel and not go unnoticed.


The original rigid bracelet embracing Olivia Munn’s wrist was very much in the style of our iconic ‘B12’. Because sometimes, all you need is a creative jewel that enhances the simplicity of your dress.


The most mini and timeless size for Jennifer Lawrence’s short necklace. Very similar to our elegant and rebellious ‘Alterego’. A perfect choice for your everyday wear, whatever plan you have in mind.


The 90’s are back on the street and the red carpet courtesy of Olivia Wilde and her choker necklace. Like our Lizza’ necklace, that combines symmetrical plates linked by small, silver-plated balls. The most mould-breaking way to complete your look.


The ever-provocative Tom Hardy represented the male presence with his impeccable sporty watch. Like our ‘Un Momentito’ with its round, silver-plated case and quartz crystal dial. A man who knows that a good watch is always worthy of mention. On the red carpet or anywhere else.