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UNOde50’s latest campaign is called #KEEPDANCING and it will make you move


Ready to discover our dance-inspired collections? We present UNOde50’s most rhythmic campaign, #KEEPDANCING, an amazing carousel of movements full of passion and emotion, quintessential elements in our jewelry. Fresh and sassy choreography serves as a basis for showcasing our boldest designs. Four different dance styles represent our jewelry lines: Twist, Voguing, Ballet and Funk. And of course, there’s a nod to flamenco, as a reminder …

The nightlife is being reinvented: discover the latest trends


The nightlife is being reinvented, moving into spaces hitherto reserved for other purposes in order to attract more diverse crowds. If, during the construction of Frontón Madrid in the early 20th century, its creators had known that the jet set would be dancing at what would become a speakeasy, they would have been very surprised. What is today known as the Cha Chá Club is …

Festivals aren’t just for summer

festivales 1

Watching the sunrise with the waves lapping at the seashore, while listening to your favorite band, is one of the most gratifying experiences for true music fans. However (or inevitably), times like these have always been limited to summer. Or they were, because there are increasingly more festivals taking big cities by storm at the most unusual times of year. Although they aren’t normally outside, …

Ground-breaking performances and styling, here are today’s most daring female singers


For years, 90s female rockers changed the direction of the industry with their grunge looks, readily voicing their protests. And with the entry of the new millennium, extravagance became an essential for all music divas (both at their concerts and in the way they interpret fashion). With the passing of time, the visual universe of these artists has turned much more complex and enigmatic. Female …

The new generation of artists in Madrid you’ve just got to know about


New energy is blowing through the Spanish capital, a city in which increasingly more artists are settling to showcase their creations to the world. Madrid, has been a hub for creators in all artistic disciplines since the end of the 1970s. For years, young people from villages and other provinces have been arriving, with fresh and energizing ideas, ready to take on the world, capturing their …

20th Anniversary: a party that will go down in history


The actress Lindsay Lohan, the race car driver Fonsi Nieto, the journalist Ana García-Siñeriz, the actor Fernando Andina and the illustrator Brianda Fitz-James Stuart were just some of the VIP guests who did not want to miss the UNOde50 anniversary party. After all, a 20th anniversary truly deserves to be celebrated in style and with great company.   The red carpet was one of the …

International festivals programme


Music is synonymous of summertime, and summer is just around the corner. Don’t think twice about it, open your diary and get planning. This year, you’ll need to be ready for anything and nothing better than a tour of the season’s most cutting-edge International Festivals to return refreshed in September. Take note and get your backpack ready to enjoy a rhythmic summer.   Sasquatch!, Washington …

Fridays UNOde50


It’s Friday at last! The most awaited day of the week has arrived and there is no better way to celebrate it than with our playlist. Discover the songs that will charge you of energy and have a guilty night!