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Jewels of Madrid: the city is also for summertime


It’s true there’s no beach here. And while we know Madrid isn’t the world’s no. 1 summer destination, with its high temperatures and scarce swimming pools, one thing is certain: you’ll never get bored. There’s always something new to discover, and there are those who take advantage of the summer months to explore the city in a more relaxed way, with no crowds, long lines, or traffic jams. Suddenly, you fall in love with the city all over again, despite the 97° heat. We at UNOde50 want to show you that the city is also for summertime. Don’t believe us? Check out all it has to offer.


Jewels of Madrid to enjoy in the summertime



Music is an essential part of summertime in Madrid. At night, the city fills with outdoor concerts to fight the high heat. Musicians of all kinds gather at a unique venue, the Alfonso XIII Royal Botanical Gardens, for Noches del Botánico. Flamenco, reggae, pop, rock… there’s something for every musical taste.



Setting aside the typical outdoor summer cinemas, another interesting option for cinephiles is the drive-in, a novel plan for hot summer nights in the city. Madrid’s drive-in, Autocine Madrid Race, spans 27,000 m2 with capacity for 300 cars. It has a giant 250 m2 screen with digital projection. The venue also features a new hammock area during the summer months and dining options.



Spending the summer browsing the city’s best museums is an appealing plan. You avoid the heat, the crowds, and the endless lines. You can also check out some museums that are less well-known but equally as interesting as the Prado and the Reina Sofia, such as the Garment Museum, the Museum of Science and Technology, and the Decorative Arts Museum.



Another perfect plan for summer is a shopping spree. Skip the lines and find great discounts at many stores. One shopping hotspot is Calle Serrano, also known as the Golden Mile, where shops of all kinds are interspersed with restaurants and cafés. One mandatory stop on Calle Serrano is UNOde50. Why not?!

Rectángulo 1 copia

Madrid may not have a beach, but it has everything else!

Unique festivals: the world’s most original music festivals


Music festival season has just begun and it’s time to choose which of today’s top musical events to attend. Without the limitations of geography or genre, we dive into the festival world to compile a list of the most unique events on the planet.

And while you pick your favorite concerts, visit this link to find ideas to help you choose the best festival looks, complete with jewelry.

International music festivals: 8 unique festivals that are not to be missed


Secret Solstice, Reykjavik, Iceland: This festival is another reason to visit one of the hottest tourist destinations at the moment. It’s held in June, during the longest days of the year, when the sun barely sets in Iceland, a unique feature that makes it unforgettable.

Boom Festival, Portugal: This event for free spirits features not only music, but an array of activities, performances, and workshops designed to connect with people and the environment and to let go under the full moon. A psychedelic adventure near Idanha-a-Nova Lake in Portugal.

Colours of Ostrava, Czech Republic: Curiously, this event is celebrated near the country’s old steel plants, a unique location in which to enjoy international groups of all musical styles.


Fuji Rock, Japan: This well-organized, 3-day festival where the Japanese let loose has been held since 1997. It is the perfect venue to enjoy live music from international and Japanese bands.

Tomorrowland, Boom, Belgium: An essential for lovers of electronica, this event—held since 2005 in a small town between Antwerp and Brussels—is where the world’s most famous DJs converge every summer.

Exit Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia: The Balkans’ most popular electronic music festival attracts hundreds of thousands of people from all over the globe. It was created with social responsibility in mind and a portion of the proceeds help support the area’s youth. A fun fact? It’s held at the Petrovaradin Fortress, Europe’s largest 17th century fortification.


Burning Man, Nevada, United States: Though not focused on music, this festival had to make the list because it’s one of the world’s most original events. Amazing and memorable experiences are in store in the middle of Nevada’s incredible Black Rock Desert.

Kazantip, Crimea, Ukraine: A true celebration of music that has become the world’s longest festival, Kazantip has its own philosophy: it is described as an independent (fictitious) republic on the Mediterranean with its own government led by a queen. Unique experiences are guaranteed!


More is more: jewelry sets for your festival looks


The season of music festivals is here and it’s time to pick the best looks for dancing ‘til dawn. Whether you’re going to Glastonbury, Primavera Sound or Lollapalooza, concerts are the best excuse to flaunt your most bold and whimsical side with styles that make a “more is more” statement. To give you a hand, UNOde50 has created four jewelry sets to combine with your most bohemian ensembles so you can let loose to the rhythm of your favorite rock, indie or pop music.

No concerts planned this season? Don’t miss out on the festival trend because boho-chic is this summer’s hottest craze.

4 jewelry sets for festival-goers

1-Glam Rock: The ingredients of this head-to-toe glam rock look are:

Jewelry selection= Guardian necklace + Ohmmm hoop earrings + Mumbasa ring

Key clothes= Leather mini skirt + black t-shirt + ankle boots


2-Summer sexy: If you want to show some skin, this is the outfit for you:

Jewelry selection= Tu Bi Molt braceletOn the road necklace + Trigo ring

Key clothes= Black mini dress + jean jacket


3-Country cool: Cowboy chic is on-trend this summer. Get this festival look with:

Jewelry selection= Zen bracelet + Ahora o Nunca watch + The Leaf ring

Key clothes= Leather pants + cowboy boots + hat + animal print scarf


4-Gold Seventies: Embrace the golden 1970s with these elements:

Jewelry selection= Eslabón necklaceSpeaking of the devil necklace + Zen Gold bracelet + Not To Be bracelet

Key clothes= Black camisole + boho vest + ‘70s maxi shades


What will you be wearing for your next music festival? Don’t miss our jewelry selection for Summer festivals and get your festival looks ready.


UNOde50’s latest campaign is called #KEEPDANCING and it will make you move


Ready to discover our dance-inspired collections? We present UNOde50’s most rhythmic campaign, #KEEPDANCING, an amazing carousel of movements full of passion and emotion, quintessential elements in our jewelry.

Fresh and sassy choreography serves as a basis for showcasing our boldest designs. Four different dance styles represent our jewelry lines: Twist, Voguing, Ballet and Funk. And of course, there’s a nod to flamenco, as a reminder of the brand’s origins.

Captura de pantalla 2018-02-07 a las 18.30.25

The model, Amanda Wellsh, is placed in the hands of choreographer Johnny White, from Locked Creative. And occupying the dance floor are the dancers Abbey Taylor, Emma Atkins, Levi Mathews and Oliver Wheler.

Captura de pantalla 2018-02-07 a las 18.31.41

Then he arrives: the model, Guillaume Mace is Amanda’s co-star in this campaign, which closes with a series of unique photographs. They look directly into the camera and we are left spellbound by their jewelry. Do you feel the connection?


For #KEEPDANCING, José Manuel Ferrater, who is in charge of direction and photography, takes the baton. The team also includes the stylist, Alberto Murtra, and the hairdresser and makeup artist, Moncho Moreno.


Few things make us feel as free as music and dancing. Feel our passion and our beat with #KEEPDANCING. Don’t miss the latest campaign on our website.

The nightlife is being reinvented: discover the latest trends


The nightlife is being reinvented, moving into spaces hitherto reserved for other purposes in order to attract more diverse crowds.

If, during the construction of Frontón Madrid in the early 20th century, its creators had known that the jet set would be dancing at what would become a speakeasy, they would have been very surprised. What is today known as the Cha Chá Club is an example of a space designed for one purpose, then reconfigured as the kind of indispensible nighttime hotspot that is popping up in the world’s major capitals.

If we look back in time, we discover a church that was the hippest club in New York in the 90s, depicted so well in the movie Party Monster. The venue, initially called The Limelight—a beacon for the city’s underground scene—and later renamed Avalon, was an Episcopalian church where the Big Apple’s libertines congregated.


The story of The Limelight prompted many venues that didn’t necessarily specialize in live music to organize DJ sessions and concerts. At the editorial offices of El Imparcial, on calle Duque de Alba, there is a restaurant and a club that operates under the same name. The building was the editorial office of a newspaper and now is a gathering place for those who want to refuel before heading out on the streets of Madrid’s La Latina district or simply enjoy a drink in good company.

This is quintessential nightlife, but what is considered ‘nighttime’ has also shifted a few hours on the clock. What once started at 10 p.m. now takes place at daybreak, as exemplified by the morning clubs that host parties before work in both New York and London (and are looking to expand to places like Miami).


In lieu of alcohol, guests are treated to a hearty breakfast, though the real magic happens on the dance floor as partygoers surrender to the music and dance ‘til they drop. These types of events are held at Verboten, a club in Williamsburg (Brooklyn), three times a month between the hours of 6-10 a.m.

Dancing is also what Brunch in the Park has offered for years in Barcelona and Lisbon. At this event, clubgoers and their kids can enjoy typical nighttime activities outdoors starting at 1 p.m., a somewhat late brunch but with an excellent turnout in Barcelona, where it has been popular for several seasons.

New York City, USA - May 14, 2016: People chilling on rooftop party with Manhattan and Central Park view of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

The migration of conventional ‘nighttime’ is a global reality. With licensing becoming increasingly complicated and overcrowding on the rise, it was only a matter of time before DJs and concert organizers sought to arrange events at innovative locations and off-peak hours.

However, this new concept of a night on the town may complicate the process of getting ready. After years of going out after dark, it now seems that neon lights are on par with sunshine and many of us may be confused about what to wear. Nevertheless, since before Studio 54, gold has been a mainstay at major events, whether dancing in a renovated church or at a pre-work rave, the Gold Collection from UNOde50 will add that touch of sophistication and glamour to your ensemble that will make you shine even brighter.

Festivals aren’t just for summer

festivales 1

Watching the sunrise with the waves lapping at the seashore, while listening to your favorite band, is one of the most gratifying experiences for true music fans. However (or inevitably), times like these have always been limited to summer. Or they were, because there are increasingly more festivals taking big cities by storm at the most unusual times of year. Although they aren’t normally outside, the venues that host them have the same charm—or more—than their summertime counterparts. If you aren’t quite ready to write off the summer yet, we’ll give you the best options for whetting your appetite for live music.

Pitchfork Music Festival Paris

Coinciding with Halloween for the last several years, the most indie side of the music industry comes together in Paris, with some of the year’s hottest artists in this genre. The line-up for 2016 includes MIA —who finally has a new album—, Bat for Lashes, electronic duo Mount Kimbie, Moderat, Suuns and Warpaint, to name just a few. Many of them have already toured during the summer, but this is the perfect excuse to see them again, calling in sick for an extra-long holiday weekend and flipping out with the choices the guys from Pitchfork have ready for us on 27 to 29 October.

festivales 3

Iceland Airwaves

You may have noticed that Facebook is filling up with photos of Reykjavik, and may realize that Iceland has become more fashionable than ever before.  For years now, the capital’s artists have all converged at this festival, and Iceland Airwaves is one of the best and most popular. The festival program tends to focus on Scandinavian artists, something that definitely provides an added spark that sets it apart. However, at this year’s event—starting on 2 November—we can see well-known musicians from around the world, like Santigold, FM Belfast, Lush and Mabel, London’s newest up-and-coming star.

festivales 2

The Meadows Music Festival

Across the pond, they also have their share of oddball festivals. In New York’s effervescent Queens neighborhood, the organizers of the famous Governors Ball have created this new event, offering the most exclusive bands and solo artists. We’re talking about groups like Miami Horror, Borns, Savages and Yeasayer, greats of the mega-festival circuit. However, one headliner who tends to shy away from the big venues is Kanye West, who is bringing his Saint Pablo Tour to the shores of the Hudson River (and if you’ve heard his latest disk, you know it’s worth it). You can get your tickets now, because 1 and 2 October will be here before you know it.

festivales 4

Le Guess Who

The city of Utrecht (Netherlands) gives us the chance to bid farewell to festivals until 2017. It’s this festival’s 10th anniversary and the programming for the stages has been done by other big names. This year, Wilco, Julia Holter, the Savages and Suuns were given the task of rounding up their favorite bands—or at least some of them—to get us dancing from 10 to 13 November. Rain is almost a certainty on these dates in the Netherlands, but the music is so good, so appetizing, that we bet it will heat you right up.

Fall definitely seems to be on the way and, although some of us might not be happy about the cold, this season does give us a plethora of fun options when getting dressed. New bohemians eschew the traditional, travelling the world seeking alternatives and reflect this spirit in their incredibly elaborate festival looks. If you’re one of the few who swims against the current, choosing the unexpected and want everyone to know it, we’re sure you’re going to love The Special Ones, our new collection that stands up for individuality and is sure to make you stand out from the crowd to become a shining star, wherever you may be.

Ground-breaking performances and styling, here are today’s most daring female singers


For years, 90s female rockers changed the direction of the industry with their grunge looks, readily voicing their protests. And with the entry of the new millennium, extravagance became an essential for all music divas (both at their concerts and in the way they interpret fashion).

With the passing of time, the visual universe of these artists has turned much more complex and enigmatic. Female singers from new (and not so new) generations are taking music and fashion to the next level. A good example of this is Lady Gaga, who has wisely blurred the borders separating the arts of music and fashion like no-one else. Many other women have followed in her footsteps, making their personalities their hottest talent for captivating their extensive armies of fans. We’d like to present some of these ladies who are revolutionizing today’s scene.

fka 4

FKA Twigs

Londoner FKA Twigs is bold, both in her singing style and how she dances and dresses. She was one of the first to revive the baby hairstyle so characteristic of Cholas and now the best brands are fighting for her to don their designs. On the stage—with choreographies reminiscent of classical ballet—she opts for a sporty look. When she steps down from the stage, however, she dazzles photographers, like she did with her Alexander McQueen haute couture gown festooned with feathers.


Charli XCX

The 90s brought great joy to fashion lovers, with teenagers mixing up fluorescent furry jackets and platform shoes, chignons and cyber-style glasses. Now Charli XCX has decided to jumble together all these trends and make them the mainstay of her style (with no complexities). Furthermore, since she moved to the PC Music label, her music has just grown even bolder, a true woman of the times.

soko 2


French Soko often threatens to leave the music industry, but it must be hard to deny her zest for singing, especially when it’s a true passion. Now, more focused on her career as an actress, she is making more appearances on the red carpet and she’s showed us that there’s absolutely nothing she doesn’t dare to try: from dresses off an antiquarian’s racks to shoes that look like museum pieces, she showcases garments as unique as she is.

st vincent

St. Vincent

Annie Clark—also known as St. Vincent—has made her huge eyes into her best weapon for seduction. The guitarist has a no-holds-barred attitude when taking to the stage, but leaves almost nothing to chance. With her svelte long legs, she flaunts mini-dresses bedecked with shine, adapts her guitars so they rub against her chest and has even worn a prosthetic to distort her jaw (and with none less than David Byrne at her side). Naturally, St. Vincent belongs to this generation of female musicians who carve out their niches and play up their power.

PJ Harvey

The English virtuoso of music from the late 90s continues launching songs nonstop and touring the world. This woman, one of the pioneers to take to the stage alone with a single instrument, has also risked the most radical looks. And coming up on 50 years old is not stopping her from carrying on. With a maturity that absolutely fits her, she showcases tiaras, headdresses and outfits that march to the beat of her music. Few artists can boast of having reinvented themselves with so much style and, for this, we applaud her.

These women have taken the ideas of the most avant-garde designers onto the stage behind their microphones with great success. Far from conforming to the prefabricated image that is often dully repeated among other pop stars—almost like it were a formula—these women have known how to claim and craft their own identities, above and beyond any standard established in the music industry.

Values like individuality, charisma and creativity are some of the words that best define them, and also what you’ll find in the designs of our Be Unic line. If you deeply value the importance of being true to yourself and are searching for something to finish your look in the most striking way possible, at UNOde50 we can help you get it, with this collection replete with handcrafted artistry and bohemian spirit.

The new generation of artists in Madrid you’ve just got to know about


New energy is blowing through the Spanish capital, a city in which increasingly more artists are settling to showcase their creations to the world.

Madrid, has been a hub for creators in all artistic disciplines since the end of the 1970s. For years, young people from villages and other provinces have been arriving, with fresh and energizing ideas, ready to take on the world, capturing their concerns and interests in painting, sculpture, cinema and music. All of this was encompassed under the umbrella of what became known as the Movida (or the Scene) and—although the name was distorted to wild and unsuspected limits—the truth is that Madrid continued to be a cultural leader well through the 90s.

Now, the capital is once again on the map for cities that have got something to say. More and more artists are finding their refuge in Madrid. You can see them in the districts to which they are moving and at the hotspots at which to see and be seen. So we’d like to present five of our favorites to you:


Antonio and Miguel are a couple and fashion designers who have been creating their eclectic and colorful collections for some time now in Madrid. Their latest is called Coming Out and is centered on queer culture. They also frequent the city’s nightlife through the parties they organize: the most recent is called ‘Bulma’, after the famous character on Dragon Ball.


Matías Uris

Matías is 35 years old, has lived in Madrid for 10 years and almost the same amount of time as one of the capital’s leading photographers. His snapshots have been snapped at fairs including Madrid Room Fair and have been spotted at both individual and group exhibitions. His childhood in La Mancha, virgins and hunting scenes—also featuring his father—are the key elements that inspire his works.

Sor Yasmin Txilati

This young woman, who started out as one of the next-generation club kids, is now an icon for performance art in Madrid. Soraya designs her own looks, then takes her actions to La Juan Gallery or onto the street (even in the heart of Puerta del Sol). She has no problems expressing and presenting her wonderful inner world through body movement. In addition, the fact that she is from Casablanca (Morocco), gives credence to the saying that ensures no Madrileño is from Madrid.

Brianda Fitz James Stuart

Designer, painter, sculptor and DJ, the granddaughter of the Duchess of Alba is one of the must-haves at all events and parties held in the capital. Not only due to her powerful and groundbreaking image, but also because of her raw talent in every discipline in which she decides to showcase her artistic vision. Both her work with La Casita de Wendy—at which she designs the prints—and her own clothing collection have been instant bestsellers. From the ARCO afterparty to the launch of her latest textile sensation, Brianda is one of the hot creative women on the city’s scene.



The band made up of Lois, Álvaro Naïve, Álvaro Gutiérrez and Carlos have been laying the soundtracks to our lives for nearly five years, with their tropical punk sound. After the rise of this shining star and playing at practically all of the city’s music halls, Trajano is now launching its latest EP, which has been baptized as Rubí. And if this weren’t enough, they are also the best known group of pretty boys in Madrid, and one of the best dressed. And once again, almost none of them were born in the Spanish capital.


From performance to painting, with a stop at fashion photography, there is space for everything and everyone on Madrid’s creative scene. Increasingly more, Spanish artists are making their mark on the international stage due to their rebellious spirits and innovative ideas, and we totally share this vision at UNOde50. So if—like all of them—you’re a bold lady and restless seeker who is fascinated by the most daring ideas and always takes it one step further, you just have to check out the designs at Natural Souls. A collection for unique women who appreciate artistry, delight in the details and have individualistic spirits that flee from affectations.


20th Anniversary: a party that will go down in history


The actress Lindsay Lohan, the race car driver Fonsi Nieto, the journalist Ana García-Siñeriz, the actor Fernando Andina and the illustrator Brianda Fitz-James Stuart were just some of the VIP guests who did not want to miss the UNOde50 anniversary party. After all, a 20th anniversary truly deserves to be celebrated in style and with great company.

The red carpet was one of the best moments of the night:







The location was also a highlight of the evening: the incredible Palacio de Saldaña in the heart of Madrid’s Salamanca neighbourhood was transformed into an artistic jungle to create living history, the history of UNOde50. Works of art, antique furnishings and tropical plants surrounded the guests as they discovered the special “20th Anniversary” collection on live models.






And the best part of the event was the party in the palace gardens. The DJ’s Cristina Tosio and Katy Sáinz from Crush DJ were in charge of spinning the tunes. The catering, crafted by Samantha de España, was incredible. And the guests were living it up every minute, including the press from Paris, Milan, London and New York, bloggers from both Spain and abroad, business leaders and celebrities who were sure not to miss the most spectacular event ever hosted by UNOde50.















International festivals programme


Music is synonymous of summertime, and summer is just around the corner. Don’t think twice about it, open your diary and get planning. This year, you’ll need to be ready for anything and nothing better than a tour of the season’s most cutting-edge International Festivals to return refreshed in September. Take note and get your backpack ready to enjoy a rhythmic summer.


Sasquatch!, Washington (27-30 May)

Over half the population of North America’s west coast will be here. The Gorge amphitheatre in Quincy, Washington (USA), will play host to artists as hot as A$AP Rocky, Jamie XX and Grimes in May. A date you cannot miss out on if you want to kick-start the season in style.

More info:


Sonar 2016, Barcelona (16-18 June)

This year, Barcelona is taking a risk and adding the experimental flamenco of Nicho de Elche & Los Voluble to its line-up. The new band Underground Resistante, Timeline and the return of El Guincho complete its constantly mould-breaking agenda.

More info:


Bonnaroo, Tennessee (9-12 June)

Four days on a farm in Manchester, in the state of Tennessee (USA), never has such a rural plan sounded like so much fun. Every musical genre you can imagine, with J. Cole and Tyler heading up the list, will converge at a festival that last year had artists as famous as Stevie Wonder or Kanye West.

More info:


Found Festival, London (11 June)

A day split into six scenarios in south London, non-stop house and techno, and artists such as Derrick May, Kerri Chandler, Midland or Leon Vynehall are what the British capital is set to offer to herald the start of this summer.

More info:


Meadows in the Mountains, Bulgaria (10-13 June)

As its name implies, there’s no better way than getting lost in the Bulgarian mountains of Rhodope (close to the Greek border) to enjoy three days of live house and techno.

More info:


Wilderness, Oxfordshire (4-7 August)

Music is not all that some festivals offer. With a reputation for being posh, Wilderness includes some of the best international chefs. For those wishing to enjoy a concert with a good glass of wine in their hand.

More info:


Outside Lands, California (5-7 August)

The best of music, art and gastronomy join forces in California to usher in the month of August. The festival was designed with a strong eco-friendly philosophy to make the world aware that ecology is not just a passing fad. Its stages, for instance, work on solar power. For the moment the line-up has yet to be confirmed.

More info:


Outlook, Croatia (2-6 September)

The city of Pula in Croatia opens up its legendary Roman military installation and recycles it for this festival in which some of the stages are hidden among its multiple tunnels. And if you have any energy left over, there’s no better way than to complete it with a boat trip on the Adriatic sea.

More info:


Salt, Noruega (Septiembre (To be confirmed))

Para cerrar tu agenda festivalera, anota este festival organizado en pleno Círculo Ártico, en la ciudad nórdica de Sandhornøy. Entre concierto y concierto, no te pierdas sus performances, sus piscinas a 11ºC o sus saunas gigantes.

More info: