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UNOde50’s Handcrafting Process: unique jewelry handmade in Spain

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Each UNOde50 piece has its own voice and is capable of transmitting strength and energy by itself. Commitment as the only way of doing things leads UNOde50 to design and manufacture at its headquarters in Madrid. All products are handcrafted in Spain and made by us. Discover all about our Handcrafting Process.

Inspiration on paper

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The designers begin the creative process based a theme that will inspire each collection. Once this line is determined, they start working on the sketches that will help define the materials needed to mount each piece.

Our Materials

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All of our materials are unmistakable thanks to the use of a unique alloy that respects the handcrafted characteristic of the manufacturing process. The use of leather and other materials like crystals and pearls defines the brand’s DNA.

Casting and shaping

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The designers begin by making the master piece from a specific type wax until they achieve the most similar shape. From there, a mold is created where the metal alloy, a hallmark of UNOde50, will later be poured to obtain the first version of it. The piece obtained continues to be worked on by hand to give the metal the shape and texture designed in the first sketches.

Our finish

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Once shaped, the piece undergoes a hypoallergenic process, 15-micron silver coating, and various exhaustive quality controls. Finally, in cases where the piece of jewelry is combined with other materials, these other elements are then assembled.

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This is how we work. Know more about our universe on our site.

We open a new store in San Francisco and fill you in on all the details


We’re in San Francisco! The city of Silicon Valley and the Golden Gate Bridge is the site of the newest UNOde50 store in one of the city’s most important malls, Westfield San Francisco Center, an upscale, urban shopping mall that houses the top international luxury and prêt-à-porter brands.


San Francisco is among the most iconic, artistic and avant-garde cities in the United States, and our collections—designed by the company’s creative director, José Azulay, and handcrafted in Spain—are right at home here.


At the new store, our creative jewelry will be displayed in a unique, luminous, and modern way. Our unmistakable style is evident in the decor of the space, which features works of art from our creative team combined with exclusive antique and modern furnishings.


This is the third UNOde50 store to open in California and the 28th in North America, with upcoming openings in Soho, New York, and Montreal, Canada. After the San Francisco debut, our brand will continue its trip around with world. Want to visit us in San Francisco?


Glances: discover the making-of the latest UNOde50 campaign


UNOde50 presents Glances, our latest campaign, a declaration of intent where the protagonist is the product — unique jewelry handcrafted by the designer and president of the company, José Azulay.

A super-production underlies this campaign, which introduces an updated image of the brand: classic and modern, soft yet powerful. With creativity serving as a foundation and using photography and fashion film, UNOde50 tells a story through jewelry, gestures, and glances.


How was the Glances campaign created?

It all began several months ago with a brainstorming session. An incalculable number of ideas were put on the table until we found the one that fit the time and place of the brand perfectly.

Glances emerged, an idea we loved from the get-go. We wanted to use black and white, a touch of red—our color—silver, and gold to create a very special vision of our jewelry and a story in which artistic inspiration and creativity were key.


Who is behind the campaign?

Once we had chosen the project, it needed to be developed professionally and in record time. The next steps were fundamental. First, we had to find creatives with their own style to create a unique story. Names were suggested, like Eugenio Recuenco to direct the fashion film and Tomás de la Fuente for photography; Gregorio Arroyo to direct commercials and edit, Eric Dover & Mar for art direction. For make-up and hairstyling, we turned once again to Moncho Moreno and María Salud, and Beñat Yanci for styling.


After several intense days of shooting, with more than 40 people giving 110% from 6:00 a.m., the story became a reality. Only one final touch remained: the soundtrack. We wanted something with power and personality and we found the solution in the music of composer Alfonso G. Aguilar, who created the perfect melody for a fashion film that we’re extremely proud of.

UNOde50 supports Rett Syndrome on World Rare Disease Day

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 At UNOde50 we’re committed to Rett syndrome, and this month we present our latest awareness initiative. On the occasion of World Rare Disease Day, celebrated February 28, we’re throwing more support than ever behind the Asociación Mi Princesa Rett, a national organization working to raise awareness of the disorder and promote its research.

Since 2013, we have collaborated in the design and sale of a collection of awareness bracelets to raise funds for Rett. This year, we’re launching a new bracelet design along with a special initiative at all of our stores in Spain to promote greater awareness.



What is RETT syndrome?

Rett syndrome is a severe neurological disorder that mainly affects girls. It is a genetic mutation that appears between the ages of 12 and 18 months preventing sufferers from maintaining control of their bodies. Their progressive deterioration—the cognitive and motor impairment—is such that they suffer from multiple disabilities.

There are an estimated 3,000 cases in Spain. To date there is no cure, though progress is being made in palliative treatments resulting from research on the disorder.


“Look at them: they can not talk or walk, but with their eyes they have taught us to live. Helping is not an obligation, it’s a privilege.” The dancer, Sara Baras, is one of the celebrities who has joined the fight against this disease, along with Dani Rovira, Eva Gonzalez, Paco León, Gabino Diego, and Raphael. Like them, you too can help.

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Join Mi Princesa Rett

The Spanish association, Mi Princesa Rett, organizes different initiatives to help you get involved. Join or make a donation today.  For more information, visit their website:

You can also stop by our stores to discover UNOde50’s new Rett bracelet. All proceeds go toward Rett syndrome research.



20 years of rebel pieces in a single jewelry collection


UNOde50 celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2016. A period of time that shows we’re not just a passing trend, replete with unique designs and ground-breaking jewelry. During this time we’ve always remained true to our style, and kept our handcrafted Made in Spain creation process.

Two decades of history merits a celebration that is out of this world, right?

We started in June with an incredible birthday party. An original and exclusive event, with an amazing guest list and a stunning venue. However, the best is yet to come and we can finally present you with our most personal project of the year: the 20th Anniversary Capsule Collection.

This collection is a homage to the brand’s history, re-creating several of our most iconic designs: 20 pieces—one for each year—through which our design team has narrated the key milestones when UNOde50 has revolutionized the world of jewelry.


Discover the 20th Anniversary Collection:


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The padlock has been the brand’s emblem right from the start. It represents a symbol of protection, and highlights the unique and artistic character of our pieces.


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Art and culture are part of the brand’s DNA. Movements such as the ‘Movida Madrileña’ have inspired pieces such as this iconic bracelet.


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Gender friendly. Our rule-breaking spirit, breaks away from traditional jewelry by going for unisex designs.


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We were seduced by the forbidden. We give free reign to our rebellious spirit. This daring design evokes sensuality, and individuality.


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UNOde50 becomes a pioneer in men’s jewelry design with the introduction of unique and daring pieces, like this bracelet, for the urban man.


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Made in Spain. UNOde50 pays tribute to the year Spain said goodbye to the ‘peseta’ with the creation of this symbolic necklace.


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UNOde50’s commitment to quality handmade craftsmanship, attention to detail, and exclusivity is represented through unique pieces like these earrings.


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The UNOde50 collection is created by artists. This piece reflects the close relationship of the brand’s philosophy with the world of art.


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In 2004 we opened our first UNOde50 store in the most bohemian and alternative area of Madrid, a space where the brand unveils its most precious and rule-breaking designs.


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‘Ibiza’ bracelet became the brand’s most iconic piece. This bold design which took years to be completed due to its special shape and texture.


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The finality of color, through craftsmanship. The ring represents creative design, while the bold red color signifies the brand’s strength.


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We constantly experiment with new materials and combinations, such as the introduction of pearls within our collections.


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This ring became the symbol of the brand’s expansion, a key made in Spain that opens the door to the global market.


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UNOde50 combines luxury and craftsmanship and in 2009 we incorporated Swarovski crystals into our collection, providing an elegant and nocturnal touch.


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We launched the first line of watches for men and women. The opening of a new market that demonstrates the brand’s versatility.


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To celebrate our 15th anniversary we designed this layered bangle, which includes the number “15” engraved on the padlock.


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A different way of seeing the world. A crooked nail that forms a heart, symbolizes ground-breaking and daring love.


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In 2013 we strengthened our commitment with Rett Syndrome research, with this solidarity bracelet that seeks to increase awareness and raise funds. A symbol of hope represented by the small hands that open up in the form of angel wings.


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2014 is a year of creative boost for UNOde50 with the launch of Gold Collection. Our most iconic pieces are reinterpreted in striking gold, highlighting the features of brand’s identity.


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We are going a step beyond, pioneering the trends with the unveiling of pieces that reflect the attitude and the unmistakable style of the brand.



Experimentation and innovation. In celebration of the 20th anniversary we went a step further, honoring the most important materials for us. This exclusive necklace juxtaposes Silver, Leather and Gold for the first time.

10 interesting facts about silver that you probably didn’t know


In fiction, it can kill a werewolf, and in reality it attacks bacteria as well as antibiotics. You might not believe that we’re talking about silver. However, despite the fact that it’s one of the main materials we use to craft our jewelry, for once we’re not here to present our designs and collections, and instead we’ll tell you the most interesting facts about this noble metal.

How much do you know about silver?

  1. Silver means jewelry, but also so much more: it is used in different sectors like medicine, electronics, odontology, photography and a long etcetera. One of its most surprising uses may be its application to create artificial rain, due to its capacity to reflect light.
  1. Did you know that, out of all metals, it is the best conductor of electricity?
  1. Earlier than 700 BC, coins were minted from this metal and, indeed, it continues being synonymous with money. In ancient Egypt, it was even considered more valuable than gold.

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  1. It has such great reflectivity that mirrors could be made with silver, although they’re normally produced from aluminum just because it’s more economical.
  1. The Phoenicians used silver containers to keep their food fresh for a longer period of time. And in very small quantities, silver can kill bacteria, just like antibiotics.
  1. The main silver-producing countries are Mexico and Peru, which together represent one-third of the world’s total production. They’re followed by China, Australia and Chile.
  1. Silver oxidizes easily, but it is also very easy to clean. You just need a little hot water, baking soda and a cloth to rub over it.

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  1. It was decisive in inventing photography, as silver halide crystals are needed on the paper for printing. This is why the demand for silver skyrocketed in the 1960s.
  1. The origin: the name silver can only be understood if we know about its origin. The root of its Latin name “argentum” has remained in other languages. However, in Spanish it ended up being called “plata” because there were numerous deposits of this metal on the Iberian Peninsula (later Spain and Portugal) during the Roman era and, to be able to transport it, it was shaped into “plattum argentum” (silver sheets). The word “argentum” was slowly dropped, while “plattum” evolved into “plata”.
  1. We’ll finish by turning to fiction: horror writing has propagated the idea that one of the best ways to finish off a wolf-man is with a silver bullet and it is therefore one of the metals most reviled by evil beings like vampires, ghosts and—naturally—werewolves.



There are so many odd trivia surrounding this precious metal that we can’t tell you all of them, so we’ll finish our list here. But after so many data, our recommendation for putting the final touch to this total immersion into the world of “argentum” is that you don’t miss our new collection of UNOde50 pieces, in which silver—combined with other materials like leather, crystal and olive wood—is the star.

UNOde50: 20 years of rebellious designs


You don’t have a 20th Anniversary every day, and so it just must be celebrated. How? With a cake? With gifts? With a party? The answer is: all this and more. We still can’t reveal many of the details, but we can announce that we are preparing an event that will be on people’s lips, and we’ll be launching a capsule collection to revive the most significant moments from our past.

And the other thing we can talk about, and we will talk about in depth, is our history, the history of a brand that has dared to take risks and commit to being different. We have been breaking the mold for designs and materials for 20 years now, and committing to the know-how of handcrafted Made in Spain pieces. And we will continue along this line: active, youthful, urban and genuine. We welcome in our third decade, reviving the most iconic moments of our incredible history.


1997 – The padlock has been the brand’s emblem right from the start.


1998 – Our rule-breaking spirit breaks away from traditional jewelry by going for unisex designs.


1999 – We are seduce by the forbidden. We take risks.

daring spirit

2000 – We become a pioneer in men’s jewelry design.


2001 – We pay tribute to the old Spanish currency: the Peseta.


2002 – We are commited to quality handmade craftsmanship and attention to detail.


2003 – The brand was created by artists and has been always very close to the world of art.


2004 – This year we opened our first store in the center of Madrid.

2005 – Ibiza bracelet became the most iconic piece, a bold avant-garde design.


2006 – Red Color is the one that represents us from the very beginning.


2007 – We constantly experiment with new materials and combination such as the introduction of pearls.


2008 – This year starts our international journey with the opening of the first store in Lincoln Road in Miami.


2009 – We incorporate Swarovski crystals into our collection, a material that shares our passion for innovation and design.


2010 – We launch the first line of watches showing the versatility of the brand.


2011 – This year we celebrated our 15th Anniversary with a huge event in Madrid.

Fiesta UNO DE 50 (64) Laura, Eva y Claudia

2012 – We see the world in a different way. A crooked nail that forms a heart symbolizes ground-breaking and daring love.


2013 – This year we strengthened our commitment with Rett Syndrome research with this solidarity bracelet.


2014 – We launch the Gold Collection, our most iconic pieces are reinterpreted in gold.


2015 – #trendsetters We are going a step behind pioneering the trends with our collections.


2016 – Let’s celebrate the 20th Anniversary!

UNOde50’s trip around the world


We have always had an adventurous spirit, and in 2016 we have taken it a step further. We have crossed the Pacific and then crossed the Atlantic again. We have enjoyed the accents of Latin America. We have learned to say Grazie Mille and Arigato. We have had tons of fun in Disneyworld and taken a road trip along the West Coast. This year was the year of our trip around the world. If you’re dying of jealousy and want to come travel with us, here’s the route through UNOde50’s new international stores.


First stop: Ginza. We have opened a new concept store in the chicest neighborhood of the capital of Japan. It features a unique design that expresses the brand’s daring spirit coupled with Japan’s famously meticulous attention to details.



We like having fun in a big way, so we knew from the very start that we wanted to open a store in Disney World. And here it is: our new store in Florida is located in the Disney Springs mall. With this one, at the moment we have 6 stores in the state.

uno de 50-23-recortada


Good things come in threes. We went back to the city of art, espresso and gelato to open our third store in Rome, located on the exclusive Via Babuino. What are you waiting for to enjoy a day of shopping and tourism in the Eternal City?



This is an essential stop for all die-hard travelers, and that describes us 100%. Moscow was begging us to open another UNOde50 space, and the location we chose in the capital of Russia is Evropeisky.



We would do anything to enjoy a few days in Mexico amidst margaritas and enchiladas, even open a new store, this one in Monterrey. You want to join us, don’t you?



We have also visited Gaudí’s city in Spain in 2016. With this fourth store in Barcelona, in the emblematic Casa Milá on Paseo de Gracia, we have reaffirmed our presence in this great city loaded with style.


San Francisco

The United States has been our favorite destination, so now we’re spending the night in one of its most iconic cities, San Francisco, specifically in Palo Alto in the Stanford Shopping Center.



The Chilean accent immediately charmed us, and there we went. The first UNOde50 store in the country is located in Alto las Condes, a mall located in its capital city, Santiago de Chile.



And now it’s time to head back home, but the UNOde50 journey is continuing nonstop and we will keep you updated about our futur destinations.

Opening of our new flagship store in Barcelona’s emblematic Casa Milá


The sea breeze, the artists on La Rambla, the flavours of the Boquería market, concerts at the Apolo, strolls in Parque Güell, the runners in the Barceloneta, the tourists in the Gothic quarter… Barcelona brings this and so much more to mind, because living in this city is a unique experience, isn’t it? When we decided to open a new store in this city, we gave the idea a lot of thought. We wanted to create a more essentially UNOde50 space than ever: we knew that it couldn’t be just one more point of sale. It had to be a somewhere special.


Where to locate it?

The answer to this question was never going to be easy. However, everything fell into place when the opportunity of opening in La Pedrera came up. A daring spirit and unique style are the creative keys of UNOde50, and our brand’s new store could not have found a better location for these than Casa Milá. Which is why we decided to open there, right on the Paseo de Gracia, on Barcelona’s Golden mile, on the ground floor of the building designed by Antoni Gaudí.


How did we put it together?

Barcelona is art, culture, tradition and innovation, an international city and an icon of modernity and crafts know-how. All of this provided the perfect universe for our jewelry pieces to live in.

So, by fusing art, creation and the avant-garde, our architects designed a new store respecting the original Catalan art nouveau space, while at the same time complementing it with the latest trends in architecture and interior design, both on a creative and a functional level.

They were joined by the visual merchandising team, which has also worked ceaselessly to create a place that would ensure the client had a unique experience.


So what’s the result?

They managed it. Bright light, exclusive furnishings, two different ambiances and endless attention to detail. The effort invested by everyone has resulted in an iconic store that exudes the spirit of UNOde50 like never before, combining the Mediterranean and cosmopolitan character of Barcelona and the innate personality of this emblematic building by Antoni Gaudí.


And what about art?

More powerful than ever. This new flagship store reinforces the close relationship between UNOde50 and the art world. In fact, our own works of art have become a more essential element than ever as they reinforce the local creative value and vice versa.


¿Estamos orgullosos?

Do we feel proud?

Of course. Very proud. Like our jewelry, Guadí’s art style is unique, so with this new space we continue to break moulds. We are reaffirmed as unique and different. Just like the city of Barcelona, we are ourselves. We are UNOde50.


#UnlockYourself: UNOde50’S most international campaign


Introducing our latest, most personal and mould-breaking campaign: #UnlockYourself.

Hong Kong provides the backdrop for this fable in which the protagonist explores her limits until she finds herself. Until she succeeds in freeing herself.

The fascinating yet oppressive atmosphere of Asia. The power of images to narrate the tale through juxtaposition. The city as a character. The secrets enclosed in a relationship fed on passion alone. Ingredients to build a tale submerged in the mind of its protagonist.


Who are we really? What feelings drive us? How can we overcome all that paralyses and blocks us? Questions UNOde50 attempts to answer in #Unlock Yourself.

A total campaign with a unique philosophy. And that’s just the beginning. Imagine what’s yet to come.

UNOde50 Manifest. Unlock Yourself


If you like it, take it. Leave if you feel trapped.
Freedom doesn´t need permission. Neither does pride.
Doubt your beliefs. Believe in your doubts.
Trust who you were and who you are.
Dress the person you´ll become
Choose your place. Set your own time.
Don´t run away. Ever.
Stop sometimes.
Always stare, freeze your smile.
Do it.
Unlock Yourself


The making-of of the most essentially UNOde50 campaign

Behind this Fashion Film lies the work of an unbeatable team.

The creator, Eugenio Recuenco has stamped his personal seal on a story exuding nocturnal, urban and dreamlike images. Working hand in hand with the cameraman, Gregorio Arroyo, they have created oblique shots with movement that convey provocation and daring.


Eric Dover, responsible for the art direction and capable of finding and reflecting incomparable scenes right in the centre of Hong Kong, joins the creative team.

And of course our model, Jennifer Pugh, one of the top models of the moment with a unique ability to act out the story, her work is complemented by that of two professionals in a class of their own: the hair and make-up director Moncho Moreno and the style manager Beñat Yanci.


All of them, together with the UNOde50 Image and Communication team, travelled to Hong Kong. The team worked non-stop over a number of days in which effort was the overriding motto, but fun and the feeling of doing something worthwhile were also present.

And in fact it was. This team has succeeded in producing the brand’s most personal and adult story. #Unlock Yourself. The result speaks for itself.