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UNOde50 supports Rett Syndrome on World Rare Disease Day

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 At UNOde50 we’re committed to Rett syndrome, and this month we present our latest awareness initiative. On the occasion of World Rare Disease Day, celebrated February 28, we’re throwing more support than ever behind the Asociación Mi Princesa Rett, a national organization working to raise awareness of the disorder and promote its research. Since 2013, we have collaborated in the design and sale of a …

20th Anniversary: a party that will go down in history


The actress Lindsay Lohan, the race car driver Fonsi Nieto, the journalist Ana García-Siñeriz, the actor Fernando Andina and the illustrator Brianda Fitz-James Stuart were just some of the VIP guests who did not want to miss the UNOde50 anniversary party. After all, a 20th anniversary truly deserves to be celebrated in style and with great company.   The red carpet was one of the …