A guide around Europe to lose yourself outside the major capital cities

Group of friends together, enjoying a warm summer sunset light. Copy space on the right, and a bicycle is parked nearby.

Weekend getaways, long or short jaunts, the length of the trip doesn’t matter… in the end we always go to the same places. If you travel abroad, you probably end up in one of the five capital cities that you could recite by memory: Paris, Rome, Berlin, London or Amsterdam, which are all in the route through UNOde50 new international stores. are amazing destinations which evolve week by week and always offer travelers something new. The only downside is that you’re probably ignoring other cities that are equally interesting and where you’ve probably never been before. There are many destinations that we overlook when organizing our getaways, and they have as much if not more to offer than the cities we go back to time and again. Here there is a guide where we’ll tell you about five of them that you shouldn’t miss.


The second largest city in Germany has an amazing history behind it. The capital of the northern part of the country is one of the most important ports in Europe, and you can see this in the different architectural and urban planning styles found throughout the city. Unlike Berlin, Hamburg is no longer immersed in the chaos of reconstruction projects, although it is not immune to the hustle and bustle of Germany’s large cities. The St. Pauli neighborhood is the center of the city’s nightlife, and its daytime activity, and it still somewhat resembles the red light district it used to be. Shanze, within the Altona neighborhood, is the most modern zone. It is gentrified, but not overwhelmingly, and it still boasts a unique spirit.


Far from Vienna and practically in the Alps, Salzburg is the fourth largest city in Austria. In a fairly small country, being the fourth largest city may not seem like much, but Salzburg was one of the hubs of wealth in this country back when it was founded, and this means that was highly developed in the past. The city’s architecture was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996, and it has six upwards of museums. If you need any more reasons for visiting, remember that The Sound of Music was filmed in and around the city, and Salzburg is where Mozart lived and wrote his most celebrated scores.

View of St. Wolfgang waterfront with Wolfgangsee lake, Austria

View of St. Wolfgang waterfront with Wolfgangsee lake, Austria


Warsaw is famous, but Krakow is gradually stealing visitors to Poland away from it, especially those who are searching for the splendor of a country with an incredible history. The city has been a UNESCO Human Heritage Site since 1978, and there are plenty of reasons why it was given this recognition. The Polish authorities have made sure to make the city a hospitable place open to all kinds of visitors. Its hidden-away corners and its different construction periods, which span from the Middle Ages to the Baroque era, offer visitors a unique experience, while both vodka and pierogis (a delicious kind of small pie) are super-cheap.


Even though Romania is one of the least developed countries in the European Union, its capital is making gargantuan efforts to bring itself up on par with its neighbors. In recent years, the tourism industry has experienced many improvements and growth which make it appealing. Precisely the low cost of living in the capital of Romania means that creative young people from the country or neighboring countries are settling in the city, which has given rise to exciting zones like the Old Quarter and the entire area around the University of Bucharest.


Not only nostalgic ravers from the 1990’s love to experience this city in northern England between Leeds and Liverpool. As the cradle of tons of bands which changed the world music scene, like The Smiths and Oasis, the city has lots to offer visitors without their having to put up with the sky-high prices of London, for example. Manchester is lovely and a popular destination among young people who are moving here to seek opportunities after getting fed up with the complicated capital city. The Northern Quarter is a neighborhood brimming with bars and cafes where you can enjoy a different kind of local experience.


More and more people find that travelling is becoming the new luxury. The chance to train our eyes, meet new people, have unforgettable experiences and even being able to share them with our friends via the social media is fantastic. However, there are also minor mishaps which we have to deal with when embarking on a journey: waiting for flights that never arrive, dealing with languages we don’t know and even wondering what to wear in the destination!

Fortunately for everyone, the last problem is easy to solve. If you’re the kind of person who avoids the classic vacation spots and plans, you are clearly also unique, daring and adventurous. So below we are pleased to present the key UNOde50 products which will make all your travelling looks unforgettable.