6 fashion bloggers you have to know. Part II.


We recently spoke about the most influential bloggers on the current fashion scene. And this is the second part of our selection of trendsetters which, moreover, have chosen UNOde50 to give a stylish touch to their outfits! So, if you haven’t yet found the right inspiration for your looks this season, this is the post for you!

Louise Roe


TV presenter, model, journalist, writer, designer… Louise Roe is all of this, the British it girl, adored by MTV she is currently conquering Los Angeles. Following on from her beginnings in Vogue, Louise has created a blog in which she shares her favourites in beauty, fashion, deco and lifestyle. She believes accessories (and lingerie!) are even more important than the clothes themselves. So much so in fact, that she has chosen our New York SOHO store for the presentation of her book, Front Roe.

Nina Urgel


A fanatic of Tumblr, rather than a blogger, she’s really an instagrammer. From her account, Nina showcases her lifestyle, which is the source of inspiration of over 400 thousand followers. She defines her style as boho-chic, which fits perfectly with her incredibly long hair and the accessories she chooses for each one of her outfits.

Thrifts and Threads


Brittany Xavier is one of the most influential bloggers in Los Angeles and is well-known for her excellent eye when it comes to spotting vintage treasures and trendy but affordable pieces. Which is why we usually see her in low cost garments mixed with others by designers. But always in a casual tone, that’s faithful to the trends. A fanatic of skinny jeans, accessories are also another of her weaknesses, especially rings and bracelets.



Bartabac is one of the most followed fashion blogs in Spain. And that’s possibly because for its author, Silvia García, that different touch she gives her looks is always provided by accessories. She is a self-confessed addict to bags and bracelets, which combine perfectly with her casual chic style.

Maria F. Rubies


An effortless and carefree touch is what defines María, who in no time has positioned herself among the most influential trendsetters on the Spanish scene. A self-confessed lover of necklaces, her outfits and casual style always go together with the right accessories. And her smile.

Valentina Ferragni


Does her surname remind you of anyone? Yes, it’s true, she is Chiara Ferragni’s little sister, and this has helped her gain a foothold in the world of fashion. Both in Italy where she is already an authentic influencer and all over the world she has become an it girl thanks to Instagram. And the fact is that she exudes style. Just have a look at her account to see her great taste when choosing styles and accessories!

The Petticoat


Outfits in dark and neutral colours along with silver accessories are the key items in Cristina’s wardrobe, though that does not mean her looks are in any way dull, on the contrary. Cristina has that touch that renders simplicity a veritable style icon. A style she herself defines as minimalist and comfortable, and in which the old adage “less is more” takes on a whole new meaning. Careful aesthetics and photos worthy of the best magazines are the essence of a blog that is addictive.