6 Fashion bloggers you have to know. Part I.


They have accumulated thousands of followers and their looks set trends. They have transformed the streets into the new catwalk on which they are simultaneously the designers, models and photographers. And that fact is that nothing resists fashion bloggers. Today we have 6 essentials that you cannot lose sight of if you want to know it all about fashion and trends.

Drifting Nomad


This is how we know Francesca García Miró, a clear example that you have to have that special “something” to be a blogger, although she defines herself more as a nomad than a blogger. And the truth is that this Peruvian by birth divides her time between Madrid and New York. An ambassador of effortless cool, nobody wears the basics like she does or manages to be the centre of attention like she is. “Zero complications” is her motto when choosing jewelry: simple accessories she gets the most of by combining them with each other.

Style and Trouble


Carlotta Rubaltelli is the visible face of Style and Trouble. Like everything Made in Italy, her blog is synonymous of style and elegance. She stands out for her capacity to combine items that seemed impossible. Because Carlotta knows when to risk and when to opt for a safe bet, as is the case of her looks in denim which, combined with the right accessories, are a guaranteed hit.

La Revue de Kenza


Exotic features and Paris as a backdrop are the ideal combination if we’re talking about fashion and Kenza Sadoun has succeeded in exploiting them perfectly. She is defined by her cheeky attitude and the way she transforms simple looks into total inspiration, always injecting them with a touch that makes them shine. We are referring to her obsession with accessories in gold, joining the multi-rings trend. Also take note of her photos in Parisian locations oozing charm, that are worthy of any fashion editorial in the world!

Erika Boldrin


Erika is one of the best-known fashion bloggers in Italy, to the extent that she has her own blog for Grazia magazine: My Free Choice. And, as the title states, there is nothing more inspiring than the freedom of styles we will find in it. Erika can be simultaneously daring and functional, extravagant and minimalist, which is why she’s the perfect example of how to adapt to the latest trends without losing an iota of personality. Her fetish accessory? Bracelets!

Blanca Miró


It girl, model, stylist, instagrammer, blogger… Blanca Miró is all that and much, much more. Her outfits demonstrate that she does not strictly follow fashion, but rather has her own motto: Every cool girl is half boy. Perhaps that’s why we always see her in casual looks with a masculine or sporty air that are the perfect proof that “less is more”. Because when we talk about Blanca Miró, any combination is valid, you just need to know how to wear it. Even silver necklaces with a sports hoodie. Who said otherwise?

Alex Closet


Her life is lived between Paris and Canada, cities in which she is already considered one of the icons of streetwear. She herself defines her style as casual-chic, apparent in her minimalist outfits with straight lines. However, she occasionally surprises with the most rocker styles, all accompanied by her favourite accessories: bracelets. All looks are free of either artifice or complications, so if you are among those who love feeling comfy, add this blog to your favourites.