Cooking, like fashion, changes each season, setting the trends that will reach our nearest cities and restaurants. If you don’t want to get left behind when it comes to which dishes to order or the latest trend to join, have a look at the 5 #foodies ideas we bring you in this post.

Açai berry: the favourite nutritious breakfast on Instagram


Açai is a Brazilian fruit from the Amazon and with over 230,000 photos on Instagram, it has been consolidated as the foodie trend par excellence. Bloggers and influencers have already tried it and never miss a chance to publish their breakfasts with this fruit. And the fact is that the acai is a source of fibre that strengthens the immune system while detoxing the body; it can be consumed in the form of a Smoothie, in a bowl with other fruit, as a jam…


Poké: the new sea salad from Hawaii


Pronounced as “poke-ay”, it is the first on a long list of dishes coming from Hawaii, because this year Hawaiian cuisine is here to stay. Poké, which in Hawaiian means ‘to cut’ or ‘section’ is a raw fish salad (like a ceviche or tartar) accompanied with onion, macadamia, mangos, chilli peppers, sesame, ginger or whatever you’re most in the mood for. It is served as an aperitif or a main dish, and in the USA ‘pokerias’ in which to sample this delicious dish are beginning to abound.

Avocado oil: the beauty trend that’s reached the table


It started out in Mexico as a beauty trend to apply to hair and skin, but thanks to its nutrients and anti-oxidants, it has been incorporated into numerous international recipes and dishes such as hummus, risotto, tabbouleh… Avocado oil aims to displace olive oil and it looks set to succeed, even if just on Instagram, the foodie social network par excellence.

Foodtail: cocktail and meal in one sole experience


The Foodtail trend was born in France under two major chefs, although more and more restaurants are offering this experience. It consists of creating delicious, alcoholic cocktails with gin, vermouth or champagne and mixing them with edible ingredients such as wild mushrooms, oysters, pumpkin or mandarin, among others. Those who’ve tried them cannot resist this experience, perfect for any time of the day.

Flexitarian: the new flexible vegetarian


Flexitarians are more vegetarian than carnivores, although they combine the best of both diets to obtain the optimum balance. This food trend is based on mainly eating products of vegetal origin, although every now and then they ‘break the rules’ and eat red or white meat. There are numerous national and international associations that promote this model and claim to be the most sustainable and perfect trend for healthy eating.