Film, jewelry and an abundance of style: 5 movies for jewelry lovers

Ocean's Eight

Have you ever noticed the link between cinema and jewelry? Maybe not, but there are pieces of jewelry that rival the actresses themselves when they appear on screen. Coming to theatres this week is Ocean’s Eight, a caper that recreates the fantasy of many: sneaking into the Met Gala and absconding with the jewels of the dazzling guests. That being impractical, we’ll settle for a review of the best films for jewelry lovers. You won’t want to miss them!


5 movies for jewelry lovers

1.The Great Beauty: In this Italian film, Paolo Sorrentino joins decadent aristocrats, artists, and intellectuals in lavish palaces and dreamy villas. Set against the backdrop of Rome, relationships unfold between the protagonists: elderly people who enjoy the wealth obtained in their youth, who shower themselves with all kinds of luxuries, including jewelry.

La-Grande-Bellezza (1)

2. Breakfast at Tiffany’s: In 1961, Blake Edwards created one of the most iconic scenes in cinematic history when the character portrayed by Audrey Hepburn eats breakfast while gazing into the shop window of New York’s Tiffany & Co. Her black Givenchy gown and her exquisite gold, diamond and pearl jewels are and will always be icons of the film industry. To gleam like Holly Golightly on Fifth Avenue, all you need are some unique, dazzling jewels, like those you’ll find in our Gold Collection.

diamantes (1)

3. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes: this celebrated film by Howard Hawks features silver screen legend Marilyn Monroe in a fuchsia gown adorned with a diamond choker, two bracelets and a ring incorporating the famed moon of Baroda diamond, all while singing Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend. A true feast for jewelry enthusiasts.

Los caballeros (1)

4. Moulin Rouge: This Baz Luhrmann musical is a must on this list. Why? Nicole Kidman’s necklace. The most costly piece of jewelry ever made exclusively for a film contains 1,308 diamonds totaling more than 130 carats. If, like us, you also love splendid, shimmering jewels, check out our range of jewels featuring Swarovski crystals.


5. The Great Gatsby: This time Baz Luhrmann transports us to the United States in the Roaring Twenties through gleaming period gowns and the most opulent jewels around. In this movie everything shimmers with champagne, debauchery and non-stop music, whether it’s an impromptu party at a New York loft or a society fling at a sumptuous mansion. If you want to emulate Daisy Buchanan’s style, don’t miss our jewels featuring unique pearls.

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Which is your favorite?