2017 sales: 10 jewelry items and 10 clues to help you navigate the July sales

Photo May 23, 3 39 31 PM

The Summer sales are here… for UNOde50 and all your favorite brands! And with them comes one of the moments we like best: getting that necklace or those shoes that captivated you during the season, but that you resisted. Early July means it’s time to enjoy deep discounts, but it’s important not to lose your head in the process.

Prepare yourself body and mind with these 10 clues and fill your UNOde50 wish list with these 10 jewelry items.


Enjoy the sales with these 10 jewelry items and 10 clues


1-And Yes: And yes, there will be things left after the first day of sales, so avoid the initial rush if you don’t like crowds and chaos.


2-Hocus Pocus: Choose the right time. Between 2:30 and 5:30 p.m. the masses of bargain shoppers shrink as if by magic (or the lure of a siesta).


3-First Date: When it comes to bargain hunting, leave the major chains for last. Make your first date with mid-range stores that are less crowded.


4-Por narices entras: No matter what, choose well and try on clothing and jewelry. You can save time by doing it at home, but make sure the size suits you.


5-Juggling Balls: Avoid having to juggle at the end of the month: make a budget and stick to it.


6-Summer vibes: It’s time to invest in your summer wardrobe with pieces that that are truly worth it.


7-A Little moment…: Before you buy, think about it for a moment. Fight compulsion and only choose items you’re sure about.


8-A Pearl of wisdom: Keep an eye out for accessories and apparel that suit your wardrobe to a tee. Remember that pearl of wisdom and half your job is done.


9-Ibiza: Whether you’re vacationing on an island or in a village, if you want to shop without the headache of long lines, take advantage of our online sales. P.S.: You’ll find the best selection of UNOde50 jewelry at discount prices.


10-Cool and Collected: Finally, don’t make all your decisions in the heat of the moment. Review your purchases at home when you’re cool and collected and return everything that you don’t love 100%.