2017 SALES: Check out our top discounted pieces


UNOde50’s sales are here.  Don’t miss the opportunity to get your hands on our most original and creative pieces at 30% off. Draw winter to a close with the latest jewelry trends and add a splash of color to your spring wardrobe.

Because any excuse will do to enjoy our special prices, we recommend a selection of unique jewels to help you decide.


12 exclusive UNOde50 pieces, now with special discounts

“¿Lo hacemos?”: This necklace is one of our basics. Perfect to add a bold touch to any neutral look, with the unmistakable personality of UNOde50.


“Chunda chunda”: Leather and silver, our most iconic materials, are key to these all-terrain earrings. Pair them with any variety of looks.


“Como una ola”: Take advantage of the sales to get a jump on the latest trends and add a splash of color to your spring wardrobe.


“DEBAJO”: A ring with an inimitable design, only suitable for bold and creative women.


“Nevado”: A piece that embodies the essence of UNOde50 and adds style to any basic ensemble.


“Cuadrilátero”: The geometric design of this leather cuff bracelet is very original and won’t go unnoticed. And you can find it also in red.


“Cheyenne”: An earcuff is a unique detail to transform an ordinary look into a hot number.


“Otra de bolas”: This necklace made with handcrafted crystals and silver beads is a showstopper with its design and range of colors in blues and earth tones.


“Cherokee”: Be daring with asymmetric pieces like the earrings from our Creative Winds collection.


“A-R-M-O-R.”: If you still don’t have an articulated ring, now is the time to embrace one of the season’s hottest trends.


“Tanit”: Leather, silver, charms and colorful detailing make this bracelet a fun everyday option.


“Des-Orbitado”: This is the name of a unique and timeless design, an inimitable necklace that will become one of your must-haves.



It’s time to shop the sales. Discover all of these UNOde50 pieces at 30% off at our stores and online.