17 curious facts about gold you probably didn’t know 


Because we recently presented UNOde50’s new SS18 Gold Collection, it’s the perfect time to learn some interesting facts about gold. This bright yellow precious metal with unique allure has been used in jewelry for thousands of years. Here are some curious facts about this one-of-a-kind element.

Did you know these curious facts about gold?

1 -Gold can be eaten and is not poisonous in very small amounts.

2 -Gold is present in the human body, although in microscopic quantities.

3 -The composition of Olympic gold medals contains only 1% of the precious metal.


4-The fear of gold is called aurophobia.

5 -White gold is simply an alloy of gold and white metals such as palladium, manganese, silver, and nickel.

6 -The same is true with pink gold, only in this case, the gold is mixed with copper and silver.

7 -Its symbol on the periodic table is Au, originating from the Latin world Aurum meaning “bright dawn.”

8 -Nearly half of the gold that exists today in the world was extracted in Witwatersrand, South Africa.

9 -In Dubai there are ATMs that dispense gold.

10 -It has been used in jewelry and ornamentation for millennia; there are creations that date back more than 4,000 years.

11 -Although always valuable, it reached its highest price in the 1980s.


12 -The largest statue made of gold is the Buddha of the Wat Tramit temple in Bangkok, Thailand, which is 4 meters high.

13 -Dentists around the world use several tons of gold each year for crowns and dentures because it’s easy to mold and does not corrode.

14- It is the most ductile and malleable of metals; for example, one gram can be transformed into a sheet measuring one m2.

15 -It is also a very good conductor of heat and electricity and is often used in electronics.

16 -The largest gold nugget found on Earth weighed 71 kilos and was discovered in Australia in 1869.

17 -Gold has been found on every continent, though most of it remains molten in the Earth’s core.

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