10 interesting facts about silver that you probably didn’t know


In fiction, it can kill a werewolf, and in reality it attacks bacteria as well as antibiotics. You might not believe that we’re talking about silver. However, despite the fact that it’s one of the main materials we use to craft our jewelry, for once we’re not here to present our designs and collections, and instead we’ll tell you the most interesting facts about this noble metal.

How much do you know about silver?

  1. Silver means jewelry, but also so much more: it is used in different sectors like medicine, electronics, odontology, photography and a long etcetera. One of its most surprising uses may be its application to create artificial rain, due to its capacity to reflect light.
  1. Did you know that, out of all metals, it is the best conductor of electricity?
  1. Earlier than 700 BC, coins were minted from this metal and, indeed, it continues being synonymous with money. In ancient Egypt, it was even considered more valuable than gold.

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  1. It has such great reflectivity that mirrors could be made with silver, although they’re normally produced from aluminum just because it’s more economical.
  1. The Phoenicians used silver containers to keep their food fresh for a longer period of time. And in very small quantities, silver can kill bacteria, just like antibiotics.
  1. The main silver-producing countries are Mexico and Peru, which together represent one-third of the world’s total production. They’re followed by China, Australia and Chile.
  1. Silver oxidizes easily, but it is also very easy to clean. You just need a little hot water, baking soda and a cloth to rub over it.

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  1. It was decisive in inventing photography, as silver halide crystals are needed on the paper for printing. This is why the demand for silver skyrocketed in the 1960s.
  1. The origin: the name silver can only be understood if we know about its origin. The root of its Latin name “argentum” has remained in other languages. However, in Spanish it ended up being called “plata” because there were numerous deposits of this metal on the Iberian Peninsula (later Spain and Portugal) during the Roman era and, to be able to transport it, it was shaped into “plattum argentum” (silver sheets). The word “argentum” was slowly dropped, while “plattum” evolved into “plata”.
  1. We’ll finish by turning to fiction: horror writing has propagated the idea that one of the best ways to finish off a wolf-man is with a silver bullet and it is therefore one of the metals most reviled by evil beings like vampires, ghosts and—naturally—werewolves.



There are so many odd trivia surrounding this precious metal that we can’t tell you all of them, so we’ll finish our list here. But after so many data, our recommendation for putting the final touch to this total immersion into the world of “argentum” is that you don’t miss our new collection of UNOde50 pieces, in which silver—combined with other materials like leather, crystal and olive wood—is the star.