10 books on art, photography and fashion that you can’t miss out on in 2016



Read? There aren’t enough hours in the day. You upload a photo on Instagram, you answer your grandmother’s WhatsApp, you read the news on Twitter, you search for ideas on Pinterest and so the days fly by. And you haven’t even joined Snapchat yet or updated your Facebook for 3 months. The fact is that you pick up a book one night out of every 50.

In an endeavour to save you from this reading crisis, at UNOde50 we will take advantage of the fact that the 23rd of April is World Book Day to suggest a personalised list of books as unique as our jewels, bearing in mind your online lifestyle. To help you remember what it’s like to touch something other than a screen, we’ve selected 10 books on photography, design and fashion from 2016 that may provide you with the inspiration to foster your ‘hyper-connected’ self and your most cultural facet at the same time. Because knowledge doesn’t take up any of your iPhone’s memory.



The best novelties in art, film, photography, design, music and fashion books, according to your style.


testino_rio_de_janeiro1.For #travelgram travellers:

Mario de Janeiro Testino, with texts by Giselle Bündchen and Caetano Veloso

The new book by the ultimate Peruvian photographer, Mario Testino, has just come out. This time on a subject matter that’s as exotic and colourful as life in Rio de Janeiro, a city that has always fascinated Testino. Photos of his muse, the supermodel Giselle Bündchen, abound in the pages but so too do images of the Rio carnival, its sunsets or its people.



MovingImage_cover_UK_FRONT2.For youtubers #videoart:

Moving Image: Documents of Contemporary Art

This text analyses the phenomenon of the moving image as an artistic format in all of its forms: film, video art, performances, installations… A phenomenon that has never ceased to grow and evolve to the point of becoming the protagonist of contemporary art.




51sVC4F9KqL3. For nostalgic urbanites #musiclovers:

Vinyl, the Art of Making Records, by Mike Evans

At this point nobody can deny that the vinyl is still alive. In fact, in recent years it has become a cult object. This book suggests a list of essential records for the music they offer, but also for their aesthetics, recovering the best LP covers in the history of records.


51ukp5B4tnL._SX365_BO1,204,203,200_4. For traditional #makers:

La joyería, by Carlos Codina

We couldn’t leave the subject of jewellery off our list with a perfect book to discover the ins and outs of handcrafted jewellery making. If you’d like to learn how to make silver rings with your own hands or cut gemstones in your living room, this is the book you’re after. Sorry, it’s only published in Spanish.




41dxSTXH4CL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_5. For film addicts and wannabes #filmoftheday:

Hitchcock, by François Truffaut

Not a novelty but rather a special re-edition on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the publication of this text written by the French director after interviewing the British genius of suspense. It’s the story of living film on paper. In addition, a documentary by David Fincher on the encounter between these two giants has just been released in cinemas.



91PqeKB0vQL6. For those with a forward-thinking perspective #designporn:

Smart textiles for designers, by Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman

Whether your interest is professional or out of mere curiosity, this book tells you the latest novelties in textiles to create items of clothing. Fabrics with special properties applicable to haute couture, sports or medicine.





icons-of-men-style-josh-sims-photography-competition-candid-magazine-candid-style-male-icon-2016-amazon-17. For the stylish #mensfashion

Icons of men´s style, by Laurence King

The definitive guide to the male wardrobe which, unlike the female, is made up of classic pieces that evolve gradually over time. Garment by garment, the text analyses the icons of male fashion, including their origin, brand and the history of their design.




vogue_eng8. For collectors #invogue:

Vogue 100: A Century of Style, by Robin Muir

The British edition of the fashion magazine has celebrated its 100th anniversary and as a birthday gift, it has published a book that reviews the history of fashion through the decades with front covers, editorials and photographs of all sorts of figures from the 20th century culture scene. A must-have.



6178Nkogs2L._SX414_BO1,204,203,200_9. For graphic designers #drawsomethingcool:

Hieronymus Bosch: Visions of Genius

Taking advantage of the largest exhibition on the Flemish artists to open in the Prado Museum at the end of May, we recommend this art book with the complete works of the painter who could be considered the first Surrealist ever. His compositions are essential for any aspiring artist.



índice10. For cactus collectors #flowersofinstagram:

Mapplethorpe Flora, by Robert Mapplethorpe

Known for his mould-breaking way of capturing the human body and his controversial images, Robert Mapplethorpe has also taken shots of myriad flowers and plants in the course of his career. With his unique style in black and white, each of these snaps is a work of art.